Speak to Me Softly: The Radiance of Spring

daffodilThe whisper of spring Speaks to Me Softly with radiance.  “NO!” I thought when the snow blew through briefly, “this cannot be!  Is it an April Fool’s Day joke or am I dreaming?”

April Fool it was not.  Fortunately, the snow did not last but for a minute (OK, a few hours).   I was reminded of how little control I have over soo many things and people who dwell in my space- invited and uninvited. OUCH! Weather, as I reflect, should be the least of my concerns… yet hours are spent discussing, complaining, pontificating and planning…

Spring, I have decided, is the season I have been waiting for.

Thank you Mother Nature! Thank you for the opportunity to start again. THIS time for sure, having learned lessons in the winter, I am destined and determined to GET IT RIGHT!!!! Letting it all go and living into “IT” however one defines “IT” is my gift to you this spring.

Rather than carry winter’s wonder and tooo many short dark days filled with snow, join me.  I am committed to seeking the possibilities and embracing the new sun that we missed.  Unfolding new ideas, in search of beginnings  and saying goodbye to thoughts, things and a few people this spring is the mantra for going forward. “See ya!” “Gotta Go!” “Bye for now!” and maybe for ever – whatever it takes.

Spring is the season to seek beauty and new bright beginnings. Let’s await its presence and position ourselves to feel the warm sun and fresh breezes of the season. The lessons learned from yesterday are finished and life has taught us well! We are living the master class; we now know what it takes to survive wintry storms that tried to take us down. We have lived through it, and we are all ready to step onto that path toward greatness.

Be fearless in thought and mind.  Expect and excel. Take strong positions and run with the wind.  Plant seeds of purpose.  Commit. Be passionate about all that touches your heart.

Spring awaits you; embrace it and grow!

– Dorri

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