Summer is Here… Time to Dive into those College Essays!

college checklistHappy Summer 2014! By the time this issue hits the streets everyone should have fi nished the regular school year and looking forward to fun in the sun, toes in the sand, amusement park rides and very “happy to forget” reading writing and math for a couple of months! Sorry to burst the bubble on those happy thoughts if you have a rising senior at home who is college bound. Summer break is a great time to get a head start on some of the things that will make your student stand out from the pack with the college admissions officers.

The number one complaint I hear from high school seniors in the fall, “Coach Lee, I don’t have enough time to work on my essays and keep up with my 3 AP classes, SAT/ACT prep, school, athletics, etc, etc, etc!” Or another common complaint, “How come I have to write so many essays? Don’t they know I have to keep up my grades, too?!” Yes, you will have to write an essay for each school you apply to, and essays for scholarships, too. You can draft a number of great essays during the summer and then just tweak them a little depending on the school or scholarship.

I recently spoke with a college admissions offi cer and asked what would be her number one tip to for a high school senior over the summer. Aside from the obvious campus visits, asking for recommendation letters early, summer internships and SAT prep, spending dedicated time crafting the college application essays
would be the best time spent for a student. The essay needs to tell your story in your voice. It is the one piece of the process you have total control over. In many cases, the essay will be the substitute for the in person interview. Think about it. A wellcrafted personal essay is your opportunity to convince someone who has never met you why you are the right choice for their school. It is your chance to show them who you are, your values, and your character. Most of us cannot portray that message in a
couple of hours of writing.

The summer break is the perfect time to get your essays drafted and completed without the distractions and stress every student has once the school year starts.

Happy writing!

By Luanne Lee, CCPRS

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