Summer Tips from The Real Housewives of Loudoun County!

summer tips loudoun countyWe all love summer, and there is no better place for moms, dads, kids and families than right here in Loudoun County. Whether you are are new parent, or spending the summer with a graduating high school senior, the opportunities for fun, learning and adventure are plenty – you just need to know who to ask!

That’s why we asked The Real Housewives of Loudoun County (RHOLC) how to keep families entertained in the DMV. For anyone unfamiliar with this group of women in Loudoun County (if a membership base of almost 3,000 can be called a “group,” and not a “movement”), they are accessible through Facebook, entirely welcoming to everyone who stops by their Facebook headquarters AND in person,  and they offer superb advice and recommendations about anything from breastfeeding to the best place for “date nights” to financial planning and more. Plus… Girls’/Moms’ Night Out Events!

Loudoun Woman Magazine gladly supports RHOLC for the impact they are making in the community, and for the example they are bringing to communities of parents, moms and women around the world. Really, we just think they’re all an amazing group of women and we want to give credit where it is absolutely due!

But, enough about RHOLC for now. Let’s let their words speak for themselves! Without further ado, we present The Real Housewives of Loudoun County:

What are some unique (to your family) things you do in summer to keep things fun for your kids?

Kimmy: On the last day of school we make a “summer bucket list” and we put all the things we would like to do this summer on a big poster board. We also pick one big “wish list” item (i.e. Disney World) on it as well. Since we both work full time, we are limited on long or day trips during the week. But we try to do the pool or park a few times a week, along with setting up a mini-water park in our yard to play in w/ the neighbors (pool, water table, sprinklers, picnic area). We have a lot of play dates with her friends from school and the neighbors! There are a bunch of things we do EVERY summer including Hershey Park or Kings Dominion, The Outer Banks, Ocean City/Rehoboth Beach, community pool, New York, Animal Park/farms, Zoo, Aquarium etc..) but the point of the “bucket list” is to explore other things we have not ever done, or really would love to do again. If we don’t end up doing everything, we try to save it for even the fall if possible!

Nikki: We do Disney, Busch Gardens and downtown Williamsburg with Great Wolf Lodge while we are there. We get Groupons to local water parks, go to splash pads for dinner when it has cooled down, go up to Hershey park and explore Amish country and the kids train museum, the Turkey Hill experience and also the Crayola factory.

We play in the pool on the deck or go to a shaded park. Of course the local Ashburn pools, too. We have a “mother’s helper” so the kids get a lot of attention! I let the kids watch movies and play video games while I work during the day. At night we make forts in the basement and they get to sleep in them because there’s no school the next day. We go to my parents’ house and play in their yard or down by their creek we catch tadpoles. Also, the Rappahannock River with family friends or northern OBX. Nice summer days we will do DC zoo, museums., or Great Falls picnics because it’s so shady.

Also, Chincoteague Island to see the horses…kids loved that! More of a late summer thing though. Road trip to Texas this year….stopping in Dollywood while doing  the “Dumpster Diner and Dives” road app and eating at those places along the way!

Rachael: With this being our first full summer here, everything about our summer vacation has and will be unique to us this year. We have been out exploring the area, with our favorite, so far being Great Falls Park and the local playgrounds and pools.

We try to spend as much time together as a family as possible. Usually, we try to take one weekend or week long family vacation to some place new. We like to experience new places, cultures and adventures and experience things through our childrens’ eyes.

Precious: To be honest, I’m not the typical mom who goes crazy spending so much $ just for summer camps. Being a small business owner, I take that as an opportunity to teach my kids life skills by having them work a couple of hours a week at the studio learning accounting, graphic design, etc. So far they still consider that as fun. For crazy fun, we order take out and stay up as late as we could watching movies and/or a TV series marathon.

Roxce: In our household we try our best to spend time together, whether it’s watching a movie or playing board games, but our absolute favorite thing to do is have a BBQ.  The kids love when their dad grills outside they help with everything they can. Every time my husband is off work he takes the kids out to do something, anything at all just to make their day/vacation a little more memorable. Our kids look forward to going to the pool, if they could they would live there!

summer tips real housewives of loudoun countyA huge THANKS to the RHOLC crew for all of the advice and insight about summer activities in Loudoun County Be sure to check back for more expert advice from this great group of women, and definitely check out their digs on Facebook!

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