Summertime and the Living is Easy! – Valeria Edmonds

Summertime means school is out, picnics, barbecues, swimming, vacations, lazy days, hot nights, etc. Something about the heat makes you want to just slow down. Everything is green. Fruit is ripe for picking. Love is in the air! We are overwhelmed. When did life get so hard? Working women certainly have their hands full and there is this myth out there that we can’t have it all! Well, we don’t have to buy into that. We can take our lives back and have fun this summer. Work doesn’t have to be a four letter word. We can have successful careers and fulfilling social lives. Working moms can relax and recharge while raising well-grounded, smart and happy kids.

This is how we’ll do it!

First we have to slow down and breathe. Learn to live in the moment and be totally present to capitalize on each experience. In the age of multi-tasking, we short-change ourselves and others because we are rarely ever focused. When you fill flustered or cranky or overwhelmed, take a break to regain your equilibrium. Breathe deeply
and leverage all of your senses so that your whole body connects with the environment. Finding your inner peace will help your connect better with the people in your circle and it will make for more meaningful interactions and experiences this summer.

Perspective is everything, so we should try looking at each task as a learning opportunity. We can let someone else be the “go-to” person at work for a change and give our teens a chore that really stretches them like making dinner. (They will learn from the experience even if they can’t do it as well as you.) We can make a task fun for kids and adults alike by making it a game or a competition. Raise the stakes and watch others learn how to take on some of your busy work. For those things that require your attention and experience, see if you can think of a new way to approach the same old task or do it from a different location. Who knows, you might learn something too. Let’s learn to say no! Cancel Monday morning appointments so that we can enjoy Sunday evening and ease into the week. Let the kids miss a few “activities” and take a Saturday off. You don’t get a prize for being superwoman or for having the most booked calendar. Ignore that voice in your head that says you need something to post
on Facebook so that your friends think you have a life. Set and make others respect boundaries erected to create buffers for home and work. Remember, “a ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Make memorable moments this Summer. It doesn’t have to be a luxurious vacation to be special. We can celebrate all firsts! The first time you went to this restaurant. The first time a child cooked something. A first date. A first sleepover. A first client. We can try new things! Let’s have a picnic. Take a drive and explore new places in
Loudoun Country. Tell a child, “this is your day” and let them create the agenda. If you have more than one child, spread them out so that everyone gets a ‘day’. Take pictures, buy a cupcake, or just do something to mark the simple occasions you create and make them fun.

Finally, just relax…take off the stilettos, sit in the shade, have a Popsicle and smile – it’s summer!

By: Valeria Edmons, Leadership Coach
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