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loudounnovdechrnobleeds2016_page_11-smSottoPelle® is a science-based, safe and effective bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men and women. Our method goes beyond just treating symptoms. SottoPelle® restores the hormonal balance it needs for optimum function. Unlike pills, patches, creams and other methods, SottoPelle® uses a unique form of pellet therapy that works around the clock for 3 months or longer. No mess. No hassle. No rollercoaster surging and plummeting of hormone levels. And it is the only hormone replacement therapy that responds when the body needs more.

Research shows that testosterone and estrogen play important roles in your overall health. They support cardiovascular health, bone health, brain health, sexual vitality and many other functions. When menopause or andropause occur, hormone production fades. Without sufficient levels of testosterone and/or estradiol, the body’s systems become depleted, out of balance and simply cannot function well. Your body ages and the possibility of aging-related disease looms. Many men and women feel like they’ve lost something they can’t regain—their quality of life.

Today’s trends in medicine focus on the preventive and proactive. Staying healthy into old age depends on many things including lifestyle and genetics. It also makes perfect sense to replenish what the body needs. That’s why we supplement vitamins and minerals. It’s also why we use hormone replacement therapy to restore internal equilibrium.

SottoPelle’s unique hormone replacement therapy relies on science, not guesswork. Our pellet therapy incorporates many features that other hormone replacement methods lack, even other pellet therapies.

1 We use the highest quality bioidentical pellet implants for our therapy.

2 We apply a proprietary, web-based application for accurate dosing

3 We employ a unique pellet insertion procedure to ensure a steady, consistent dose.

4 We’ve been doing this a long time. We are experts at what we do.

SottoPelle® bioidentical hormone replacement not only relieves symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety, sleep disturbances, lack of sex drive and others, it also reestablishes vitality and well-being. Working in partnership with your body, our hormone replacement therapy recreates healthy balance. This, in turn, provides essential support to your body’s vital organs and systems.

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What are bio-identical hormones?

Bio-identical hormones are plant-based compounds specifically formulated to match the molecular structure of human hormones. Synthetics, however, are engineered not to match in order to be patented. The pellets are compounded according to the highest industry standards using the best quality botanical ingredients available. They are derived from a natural plant source of soy and other plant-based ingredients. No horse urine. No fillers – just pure, natural, biologically identical hormones – plain and simple.

Not all hormone replacement therapies are created equal 

SottoPelle® Therapy is a unique hormone replacement method that delivers the right kind of hormone (biologically identical), in the right amounts (based on testing and proper analysis of the results), using the right delivery system (pellets).

If you’ve tried other methods of hormone replacement, you probably experienced the emotional ups and downs they can produce. Why? Because your hormones were still unbalanced, something that SottoPelle® Therapy can address. Ask any of our patients. They can’t believe the difference SottoPelle® makes – from increased energy and vitality to a renewed sense of emotional and physical well-being. And there’s more good news… pellets can last from three to six months or longer!

How do I get started?

It’s easy. First schedule an appointment with our staff. They will go over our procedures and policies for having a consultation and your insertion. On the day of your appointment, the doctor will discuss the results of your blood tests with you and prescribe the right amount of hormone for your unique needs. It is that simple.

What is the procedure like?

The small hormone pellets are slipped painlessly under the skin, typically in the hip. A mild, local anesthetic is used and the procedure takes less than five minutes. Once the pellets are inserted, a steady, low dose of natural hormone flows directly into the blood stream whenever the body needs it. A woman’s body can then control the release of the hormone just as it did when the ovaries were working normally. Repeat treatments involve a brief visit to a SottoPelle® office a few times per year. That’s it!

SottoPelle® Therapy – preferred by thousands Thousands of women across the U.S. and internationally prefer using the SottoPelle® Therapy method to achieve a natural, healthy balance of hormones. Our patients report that they feel fabulous again! Some of the many benefits they report include*:
• Enhanced libido and/or increased sexual desire
• Decrease body fat and greater capacity to get in shape
• Reduced fatigue & increased energy levels
• Increased mental focus, clarity and concentration
• Improved memory
• Consistency in moods – reduction in feelings of anger, nervousness and irritability
• Relief from anxiety and depression
• Increased sense of overall well-being
• Protection from heart disease
*If you plan on becoming pregnant, please let someone in our office know

Linda Coleman, M.D.
Coleman Primary Care
2 Pidgeon Hill Drive
Suite 400
Sterling, VA 20165
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