A Happy Heart Includes Healthy Living Habits

“Heart disease is the number one cause of death for American women. Stroke is the number three cause of death. To get the most benefit for your healthy heart, choose more fruits, vegetables and foods with whole grains. Select healthy protein. Eat less food with added sugar, calories and unhealthy fats.” (Exercise is your friend. Move daily – YOUR healthy heart depends on it.) – American Heart Association (2016)

Healthy Habits include:

  1. Take all Meds as Prescribed

It is important to take all medicines prescribed by your Medical Provider EXACTLY as prescribed. Often times after feeling well, patients want to stop or miss days taking prescribed medicine. Each medicine is prescribed with your TOTAL health in mind. The regimen is there to help and support your well-being and each has its own purpose.

Do NOT run out of medicine and do not skip or quit when feeling better. Should you want to make any changes or need a new prescription for any reason, consult with your Doctor. He or she knows best.

  1. If you Smoke – QUIT!

One’s risk for having a heart attack is more than twice that of a person who has never smoked. Smoking also increases the risk for sudden cardiac death in people with coronary heart disease.

Having a hard time quitting? Check with your Doctor. Your medical provider can recommend the best method for you to stop smoking.

  1. Manage Your Calories

Recognizing that as we get older losing weight is more difficult; experts recommend you manage the calories intake. Start TODAY! Keeping a journal on your electronic device is a great way to keep track of caloric intake. Too, the old fashioned way with pen, paper and a journal still works.

– To learn more about calorie consumption, visit the American Heart Association site.

  1. Eat a Balanced Diet – DAILY

– Reduce your salt intake

– Choose low fat or fat free milk, cheese and /or yogurt

– Choose reduced fat, low fat, light or no fat dressing. As an alternative, consider squeezing a fresh lemon over your greens instead of using a salad dressing.

– Choose leaner cuts of meat

– Avoid dark meats and remove all skin off of chicken

– Weekly have a “NO MEAT DAY” – Eat vegetables and for dessert try a different fruit in season

  1. Read Food Labels

– Walking is a great smart start if you are spending too much time on the couch.

By making exercise a part of your daily routine, you will:

– Strengthen heart and lungs

– Improve circulation

– Increase endurance

– Lower blood pressure

And….you may even lose weight

From the Publisher – Nov/Dec 2016 | Dorri C. Scott

I don’t normally look forward to the cold weather and mountains of snow that seem to fall (at least once) each year in our area, but… let’s just say that I cannot be happier to celebrate the end of this political season, even if that means the snow is coming! No matter who your political pick was, we can all finally breathe a sigh of relief that the election is over and turn our attention back toward our families, friends and ourselves again!

While we may not have all agreed on the politics of the last few months, perhaps we can move forward with a renewed promise to mend those fences and start working together, again. ‘Tis the season to cherish our past and make memories for our futures!

This issue of Virginia WOMAN magazine is another milestone in my life – FIVE YEARS of publishing! I’m so honored to share our cover with two amazing Northern VA business women: Thank you, Diane Piper and Sally Garcia Crosen!

Finally, thank you Loudoun County, family and friends – near and far.

Let’s make everyone’s lives a little better, put our differences aside and truly enjoy this thoughtful season ahead. Together, we can move mountains (and I don’t mean just the snow)!

Happy Holidays and May the New Year be the best and brightest in all our lives.

Kindly, Dorri

Happy Summer! From Our Publisher… | Dorri C. Scott

Va_Woman_Magazine_July_Aug_2016_Page_07As a kid, I remember Summers at the Jersey Shore, (Virginians call it “the beach”) weekly ice cream truck visits, longer days to play for hours outside (we had over 25 kids on our block) and many hours spent reading.Mrs. Starch, the school librarian – one of my favorite teachers offered a Summer reading contest each year. Happy to read more than the required books, I loved being a part of the reading club and discovering some of my childhood favorites including; Beverly Cleary,

Mrs. Starch, the school librarian – one of my favorite teachers offered a Summer reading contest each year. Happy to read more than the required books, I loved being a part of the reading club and discovering some of my childhood favorites including; Beverly Cleary, Louisa Mae Alcott, poetry great- Edna St Vincent Milay, and of course my mentor Friend, Dr. Maya Angelou.Thinking ahead, I invite you to READ this summer, enjoy the publication – our experts, writers,

Thinking ahead, I invite you to READ this summer, enjoy the publication – our experts, writers, organizations and contributors.
We are grateful and especially honored by your presence – a reading present that we, the WOMAN staff never take for granted.
Thank YOU!Have fun this summer, make memories and discover a favorite NEW author or book. Write and tell us about it (publisher@vawoman.com)

Have fun this summer, make memories and discover a favorite NEW author or book. Write and tell us about it (publisher@vawoman.com)In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you out and about in Loudoun and beyond

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you out and about in Loudoun and beyond I especially can’t wait to hear who and how you find and discover a new great friend in words.

Happy Summer!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month | Dorri C. Scott

LoudounMayJune2016HighResNoBleeds_Page_09Life with mental Illness can be tough. If you or a family member is dealing with pain from a mental illness, consider some or all of the tips below to make life brighter on those, less than sunny days. Ultimately, bringing awareness to mental illness is the beginning of change. This month, lend a hand and share. We are NOT alone, and YOU are not either. Should you need additional help or more information to deal with stressors related to mental health, please feel free to contact us.

Ways to boost your mental health – daily (no matter what…)

1. Keep A Gratitude Journal

Research has shown those who keep a gratitude journal boost their energy, attitude and ALTITUDE. Write down THREE things in your journal daily that you are grateful for. At the end of the day, add 3 accomplishments in your journal. Review your log daily. See how you feel after reviewing how wonderfully accomplished and powerful you are and give yourself a great big hug before going to bed.

2. Add Gratitude Apps To Your Mobil Devices

Two FREE apps include:
• Attitudes of Gratitude
• Happier

3. Start Your Day With A Cup Of Organic Coffee

Coffee consumption is linked to lower rates of depression. If you are not a coffee drinker, try a cup of tea. Green tea is a great choice – soothing too!

4. Sleep Matters – Get A Good Night’s Sleep

7-8 Hours is recommended by most experts. If you are unable to get in 7-8 hours daily, REST. Have an end and beginning time for your day. Rest is important to positive wellbeing – even if you are unable to sleep.

5. Watch And Monitor Your Room Temperature

It is recommended that for a good night sleep temperature should be between 60 degrees and 67 Fahrenheit. Adjust the temperature as the seasons change.

6. Laugh – A LOT!

Laughter as we have all heard is good for the soul. Hang out with an old friend. Go to a comedy show. Turn on those old Lucy shows… Find something to laugh about daily. It reduces anxiety. BTW… if you can’t find something to laugh at daily in the moment, take a look at some of your old pics. Looking at some of those hairstyles from back in the day, is enough to make you laugh.
We all have them. Dig them up, laugh and cherish the memories.

7. Leave Your Device Home Every Once In A While… REALLY!

YES! We are all busy and life goes on, take a few hours away from phones, computers, tablets and Social Media driving your life – a break every once in a while will make room for something new! It will more than likely be less stressful and quieter too. Try it weekly for 3 hours and use that time to smell the roses, take a walk, call an old friend, write a letter or anything out of the ordinary and away from the daily grind.

8. Do Something POSITIVE For Someone Else

It is hard to be sad when giving or doing something for others. Not sure how or what to do? Here are some ideas:

• Volunteer at a local food pantry.
• Visit a senior citizen at one of the senior living centers in your neighborhood – even if you don’t know anyone who resides there. He or she will welcome the visit and you will be glad you went.
• Send flowers to someone you love – Just because!
• Read a book to a child at your local school.
• Pay it forward. When driving through the toll booth, pay for the person behind you and wave as you pass by.
• Plant a garden for a neighbor who loves the outdoors
• Whistle. Skip. Smile.
• Pack a love note in your child’s lunch.
• Go and walk a dog at a local shelter.

9. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

Dance while cleaning, cooking, getting your mail from the mailbox, ANYTIME, ALL DAY. Just create music in your head and feel the rhythm that plays in your heart to make you happy.

10. Take A Warm Bath

Adding epsom salts to soothe those aches and pains weekly will boost magnesium levels. Also, it will slow you down to sit and take a bath compared to a quick shower.

For additional ways to boost your mental health throughout the month, check out our website: www.loudounwpmanmagazine.com and enjoy our regular posts on Facebook.

By: Dorri C. Scott

Happy Feet | Dorri C. Scott

LoudounMarApr2016HRNB_Page_19Throughout the winter you may have lost sight of your feet. With spring upon us, it is time to refocus and make your feet happy.

Enjoy the Tips to help you keep your feet in tip top shape. The “break in your shoes” rule – let it go! You do not have to break in your shoes. Purchasing comfortable shoes right out of the box is the only way to buy shoes. Assuming your shoes have to be broken is not the answer for buying shoes that do. It fit well when you buy them. Poorly fitting shoes can lead to corns, calluses and other

Happy fit makes for happy feet. Buy shoes that fit and enjoy the lifespan of your favorites with no “ break in” time. InGrown toenails should not be Ignored. Did you know that unless you remove the part of the nail that is growing into the skin, IT WONT GO AWAY. And worse, sometime when you “ do it yourself” you are making matters worse. If you have an ingrown toenail, see your Medical Provider. It is best that you get help from a professional who will advise your and prevent problems.

Toenail Fungus – more common than you Think.

BUT…. Yes! Toenail fungus is one of the most common reasons that people visit a podiatrist. A few things you can do to prevent a fungal infection include:
– clean your feet everyday.
– trim your toe nails straight across
– dry your feet after each shower
– if you notice a nail is getting thick (usually the pinky toe) file it down from the top of the nail.

Say good bye to old shoes… a great excuse to buy new ones!

Knowing when it is time to retire shoes is important to maintaining happy healthy feet.

Shoes don’t last forever. Wearing shoes past their lifespan is not good for your feet.

Check your shoes regularly? Make sure your shoes are giving you the support you need for comfort. And if they appear to cause you pain or not enough support, do not pass go, instead go straight to your favorite shoe haven and buy….happy feet are worth every new pair!

Character: A Key to Success | Dorri C. Scott, Publisher

LoudounMarApr2016HRNB_Page_30The top three things colleges and potential employers look for in recent high school graduates are: reliability, honesty and flexibility. In life, character is key. Colleges and employers want to recruit people who have a strong sense of values and integrity.

Responsible people are willing to be held accountable for their actions. They take pride in their work. They are honest, dependable and punctual; they meet deadlines and complete work thoroughly.

To build yourself, improve your level of responsibility by getting organized. Keep a daily planner; write important information down. When making decisions, think about the long-term effect. Everything about life is NOT “microwaveable,” despite our “instagram, get it done in a nano second” world. Some things take time; a slow bake is often required for long-term gain. Remember that flexible people go with the flow and quickly recover from setbacks. Deadlines change, technology rapidly gets upgraded and old systems are replaced with new ones.

Colleges and employers look for people who can easily adapt to change. If you need to improve in this area try to tackle a new project or change up your normal routine. When something unexpected or new surfaces, remind yourself that you’ve succeeded in the past and you have the skills to succeed once again. Sometime fear of change is really a fear of failure. Get out and challenge yourself, build your self-esteem and take on the world!

Leaders motivate people. They make decisions and stand by them. Leaders support the people they work with and most important LEADERS LISTEN to the needs of others. Good leaders plan. Great leader plan well in advance, are flexible and open minded. They do what is best for everyone involved – despite the temperature, climate and confusion that WILL creep in. Remember people are people and we all bring our “stuff.” Ultimately, the greatest leaders lead by example. He or she defends the little guy and with integrity shows others respect.

Being a Team Player means… Having the willingness to take on more work or making sacrifices when necessary. It also means getting along with those around you, even if they are different (race, sexual preference, gender, religion, political affiliation, etc.).

Team players are respectful of opinions that differ from their own and want what is best for the team. To improve this skill, when working in groups, practice seeing everyone in the group as an important member of the team. No one is better than another and each brings their own skills to the table.

Agree to disagree. Use a difference of opinion as an opportunity to compromise. Colleges and employers are looking for people who consider themselves to be life-long learners; people who are willing and eager to learn new things. Teachable people take criticism well, and use it as a way to improve. They are constantly evolving and changing to be the best person they can be. To improve your skill in this area, take a step back when someone points out a flaw to you. Listen calmly to what they have to say and turn it into an opportunity to improve.

Motivated people set goals and make concrete plans as to how to achieve those goals. They are driven to succeed and as a result, tend to be hard workers. When they have questions, they chase down the answers. They don’t wait for life to happen – they pursue it! To increase your motivation think about what you want long-term out of life, then take small steps to make it a reality. Once you determine the end goal, motivation to achieve that goal usually follows. And know…. your character is always with you even when you think others are not watching.

Dorri C. Scott, Publisher
Virginia WOMAN Magazine

Letter from the Publisher | Mar/Apr 2016 | Dorri C. Scott

LoudounMarApr2016HRNB_Page_07This past December, my son graduated from college. Our family gathered and many friends in Loudoun County and beyond cheered us through a most exciting season – thank you!

We are delighted about the huge milestone (and major pay raise), and now the real work begins…

Back home, like many millennials, he is in search of a new career, his life purpose and next steps. Concerned about what’s in store, our millennials need us more than ever. Let’s make a promise to support our sons and daughters through their transition, despite the fact that many have been unable to find work and face insurmountable housing costs even in our growing economy.

College Coach, Luanne Lee, a regular contributor, reminds us: Save and Prepare – college costs are rising. Moreover, if your star student is not intentional about where to go to college based on interests and costs, you might otherwise be wasting time and money. Remember, as Luanne would say, “it is never too early to start planning for college.”

Our Cover WOMAN, Linda Coleman, MD, invites us to look internally. The Internist at Primary Care serves patients with her Mentor/Dad, Dr. John Coleman from their office in Sterling, VA. The dynamic father-daughter medical providers have served the community with optimal health care for over 50 years, collectively.

Spring looks beautiful in color from Cyndy Porter, and Elaine Gibson has healthy tips. Our business experts, Valerie Kaiser, Certified Financial Planner and legal expert, Dawn Dale, of Keystone shares the value of wills and trusts in VA – in your best interests.

Always excited about spring and the warm CHANGE in the air, I happily invite you to enjoy and educate yourself in this season’s issue! With warm weather approaching, I look forward to seeing you “out and about” in Loudoun, on the web, www.loudounwomanmagazine.com,
Facebook, LinkedIn and soon to be launched your Extreme Excellence Essentials.

Happy Spring! Happy Happy!
Always, Dorri

Happy New Year 2016

LoudounJanFeb2016HR_Page_07Hello Friends, Happy New Year!

As I reflect, 2015 was a most exciting year, filled with growth and a strengthened community across Northern Virginia.

I personally grew, surrendered and decided to stop fighting (mostly myself) in pursuit of excellence. I am grateful for the support and love experienced in your many words and deeds – Thank you!

This year, I promise will be EPIC – Woo Hoo!

Despite my fears and a few doubts, I started 2015 with a new attitude. I committed and decided to lose weight and with the help of Dr. Brooks and his coaching team (see cover story). I transformed my body and my mind was renewed, and that was just the beginning!

Thanks to YOU, we have expanded our reach across the region. Virginia WOMAN Magazine is now serving Prince William and Arlington counties. That WOMAN is happy to be a part of THREE NoVa communities. We have sponsored and published numerous not-for-profit businesses throughout the year. We intend to double those efforts in 2016.

Our expansion also includes the growth of contributors who educate, empower, inspire and inform – the heart of who we are. And, we are seeking WOMAN covers (see page 8 and tell us why you should be on the WOMAN cover in November)!

We are expanding our brand, becoming a publishing/media firm geared toward helping women write and Publish “HER story!” Every WOMAN has one and a few may even become a bestseller!

As an Educator, I affirm and declare… we must tell our stories and share – blogs, print, social media, speeches and our words. Our duty and legacy for our daughters (and sons) and the great men who support us is to speak our truth, with courage and determination.

I welcome to help you to get it WRITE. Perhaps you’ll want to start with writing for one of our magazines. Overall, we are proud to partner and help you discover your excellence in 2016.

Excited to see you, I welcome your thoughts, ideas and information in this, our fifth year of publishing! Let’s work together and continue on our path to excellence.

See you out and about and have a Happy New Year! – Dorri

Letter from the Publisher | September/October 2015

Hello Friends

Four years ago we introduced you to our inaugural class of “ WOMAN “Thrivers”. This year we introduce you to our class of 2015 “Warriors” – 3 breast cancer survivors including a male who shares his breast cancer story. (Yes! Men too can be diagnosed with breast cancer.)

Celebrating a life-interrupted due to breast cancer, each “survivor-thriver” has raised the bar since our first edition. Two ladies from last year (Eileen Isola and Connie Bash) have updated us. Enjoy their success stories and inspirational updates.

They are FEARLESS and all look great thanks to the creative artistry of photographer Valerie Cavalheri and makeup artist Jamie D’Agostino. (See Kelly and Nancy pages 19, 20 and 21).

Added to the breast cancer issue, we are honoring one ovarian cancer “thriver”. Her courageous stories brings light to the silent killer.

And finally, be encouraged by a mother’s love, shared by Sharon Ferraro, who has never stopped fighting for her daughter Nikki, diagnosed with thyroid cancer in her teenage years. Their happy ending is a must read!

Climbing new heights (and raising money) through events, races and auctions, September and October are filled with activities.

Kindly, Dorri

July/August Letter from the Publisher | Dorri C. Scott

LoudounJulAug2015_Page_07Dear readers,

People often ask me, “How did you start writing?”

While it is hard to pinpoint the exact moment that I fell in love with words, paper, books and writing, I am reminded daily of the many letters shared between my Nana and me.

It started when I was in elementary school. The exchange of letters between the two of us that were filled with camp experiences, school friends and new books was like fresh air and breath to me. I longed for each letter and still remember the disappointment when an expected return letter did not come in the mail quickly.

Plopped on my favorite couch, today, I long for more time and endless hours to write like I did as a child. And…every summer it happens. I am afforded the time: a great vacation to Jamaica and the ocean to bask and be inspired. To write, each day, when the sunset in Jamaica, is my only chore.

For ten days, I am able to be quiet, gather my thoughts and let my heart sing as the creative juices get going. I write like nobody’s business… for that I am grateful.

The exchange and life shared, with no interruption on the beach enables me to write letters, thank you notes and messages to the many friends and family I share space with. Thank you, Pat Wirth; our guest columnist, Kristina Bouweiri – a DMV, favorite CEO and Robin Finnell – this issue’s cover WOMAN. Kudos and hugs to every cover WOMEN, friends, family and staff, throughout the various communities I serve.

Celebrating words and writing about the many experiences from my couch on a summer day is this season’s special gift. It does not last long. For now, I am just going to enjoy the write.

Happy Summer! – Dorri

All rights reserved Ruby Red Press LLC 2016