How To Replace Madness With Magic | Elaine Gibson

The new year is here – a time filled with hopes, dreams and promises of what lies ahead.

As an Extraordinary Lifestyle Designer, my intention is to take you from madness to magic, without the hassle.

Many of the men and women I speak with feel confused and exhausted as they attempt to up their health and peak performance. Many even place their personal health goals last while tending to the needs of everything and everyone else. It can sometimes feel like a lost cause before you even get started. Great news! You do not ever have to compromise your health and personal goals.

As an Extraordinary Lifestyle Designer, my intention is to empower you to create: Extraordinary Health, Extraordinary Business, Extraordinary Life . . . even if you have never done it before!

It is amazing how just a few gentile, easy activities can have a huge impact.

Some of my favorite healthy tips are…

Ditch and Switch. Ditch the refined foods and switch them with healthier options. For example, instead of using refined white flour and/or sugar, use almond flour or coconut sugar instead. Look for sprouted options. There are many alternatives to choose from, and you can most definitely find choices you will love – and I bet you nobody will even notice!

Fresh Herbs and Spices. You can really dress up a meal by adding fresh herbs and spices. It’s incredibly affordable and simple to keep a small, fresh herb garden growing in your kitchen window. My favs are mint, kelp and dill. There are incredible health properties in many of the herbs and spices we use and love. They are beneficial for our health and a strong immune system. Cinnamon and turmeric are very popular. Experiment and find a place for them in your recipes anywhere you can!

Use Different Plateware. Staying on track with my health goals is getting creative with portion control. Instead of using dinner-sized plates, which we tend to fill, use smaller plates. Use a mid-sized saucer or salad plate for your dinner plate, and then go back for seconds if needed. A lot of the overeating that we do is mindless, habitual eating because it’s in front of us and we were taught to clean our plates. Taking this temptation away helps tremendously, and you’ll very quickly learn how much you need to feel satisfied – I guarantee it is less than you think.

Having sleepovers with our granddaughter Devon, is one of my favorite activities. For years our evenings are filled with bubble baths, facials and snuggles. Mornings begin with hot chocolate (almond milk and cacao powder) followed by pancakes made with organic sprouted grain mix and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Nevin and I cherish this time. Knowing that we are incorporating best practices provides us with peace of mind alongside our gratitude.

These simple tips, will help you look and feel better than ever. Finding your own personal balance will take trial and error while empowering you with behaviors that will soon become second nature. This is where the magic begins. This is your Extraordinary Soul!

Elaine Gibson

Sometimes I Feel Like I Can Fly! | Elaine Gibson

Va_Woman_Magazine_July_Aug_2016_Page_30 One of my dear friends gave me a wall hanging for my birthday that says “I am fairly certain that given a cape and a tiara, I can save the world.” Somedays I believe this is true.

Interestingly, I have learned that I am in total control of feeling this way.

I have stumbled on to a high alkaline, high raw lifestyle. The changes that flow to me and through me continue to be extraordinary…even magical.

Today I am a living testimonial for this lifestyle. When cancer struck my life for the second time I knew something had to change. The change had to come from within me and in the choices I was making. Soon, I discovered there were two steps crucial to my survival that I needed to take.

Step 1: Remove Interference

First of all, I had to remove the interference that was preventing me from being well. What do I mean by interference? What is the one thing we all do every day, at least three times a day?

That’s right, we all eat!

Unfortunately, the choices we make usually include:

  • Processed foods
  • White flour
  • Cooked food


Or to put it in simpler, more precise terms, dead food!

The simple act of eliminating these foods leads to a healthy and strong immune system. The body knows what to do when we allow it to do so.

Step 2: Facilitate Healing

The second step was to supply the body with what it needed to facilitate healing. Live food was the facilitator.

To function properly, every cell in your body needs an alkaline and oxygen-rich environment. This is the bottom line. If there were another way to achieve this one simple goal I would be the first one on the bandwagon, but I am here because raw food, live food, begets live cells and a living, healthy body!

You cannot find health in a bottle but you can find it in raw foods.

It all begins with diet and leads you to who you can become.

Va_Woman_Magazine_July_Aug_2016_Page_31Why Raw?

When you are seeking to look and feel extraordinary, “Why raw” is the right question to ask. These answers will set you on the path to renewed living with vitality and youthfulness.

How will a raw food lifestyle benefit you specifically? The same way it has benefited me and thousands of others. Raw food is living food; offering the life force we are all looking for. The digestion of raw food only requires a small amount of energy (20%) compared to the 80% cooked and processed food requires. This leaves the body rested and able to heal and maintain a strong immune system.

Raw food will bring you:

  • A nourished and satisfied body
  • The ability to attain and maintain a healthy weight
  • Bright eyes, glowing skin
  • More energy and a good night’s sleep

Before you roll your eyes, it is important to understand that high raw may be about 40% right now. That would be a fabulous step forward.

Enhancing your lifestyle leads to enhancing your family, business, the people you serve and the planet too. It lights you up from the inside to share your gifts with others, for the greater good. (Now I am definitely wearing my cape and tiara).

By Elaine Gibson

IMAGINE THIS… Look & Feel Extraordinary! | Elaine Gibson

LoudounMayJune2016HighResNoBleeds_Page_20 This is what I dream about for you. It is an expression I have embraced because it says it all. It wasn’t until February 2008, when I began the fight for my life, to beat Stage IV Cancer without traditional protocols, that I discovered the foundation and secret to my health. Once I understood that alkalinity and oxygen are key to a strong immune system, everything fell into place.
My cells were on board. I was not depriving myself but rather embracing abundance and the seasonal harvest. In 2010, I was clean of all disease.

The addition of a high alkaline lifestyle into my world created a wakeup call, literally. It was as if I was waking up from a deep sleep. I was ecstatic with energy and joy. Once I began making better choices I even lost 28 pounds and 4-5 sizes…..without ever thinking about dieting.

I began catching myself singing. Without realizing it, I was singing to my sprouts, my garden and the world. The liveliness and elation are difficult to explain for it either sounds exaggerated
or overstated.

The irony is that I had been told by my medical team that if I did not submit to traditional treatment, I would not see my grandchildren grow up. WOW! They certainly did not know the power of this Jewish grandmother from New York City. It is key to understand that these lifestyle changes are part of a never ending journey rather than a quick fix.

LoudounMayJune2016HighResNoBleeds_Page_21Today I am about 80% alkaline and raw. I enjoy alkaline water and green juice every day. Green juice is my favorite food, for real. In order to stay consistent in the pursuit of my health, I held an image of my Jake grandson, then 10, in my heart. I saw him walking across the stage at his high school graduation and hugging me. This vision was with me always and enveloped me with belief and courage that I could make it happen. It was a symbol representing all that is important to me, all that matters and all that I love. It became my North Star.

Today, as I sit writing this, we prepare for Jake’s graduation and I will collect my hug. Why would I choose this to share as my cover story for VA Woman Magazine? Because I believe that there is something within you that is so important that calls you to create your personal vision to help guide and light the way.

By embracing a healthy lifestyle that will provide more energy, focus and abundance, you will have the resources to support good choices. In order for you to create your best body, your best work and your best life, your cells need to be on board. Your visions will be seen in technicolor. Imagine how it will be when you make it happen. I can feel it now. I can feel the ripple of your gifts that impact the world. I know how much your dreams matter, not only to you but to us all for the greater good. I know you can do it and I believe in you and the magic of your dreams.

One thing on my heart now is to have the honor of giving a Ted Talk by next year. I can see it, and imagine myself on a big stage impacting hundreds and maybe thousands to create a better life to bring their best work to the world. This is pretty scary but I hold the vision of being on stage, wearing an amazing blue dress that hits just below my knees along with fabulous bone pumps.

Funny how I am feeling jittery right now for I know I can make it happen. I see my husband, children and grandchildren in the audience and I smile inside, for I know that I will collect more hugs and that they are always my North Star.

By: Elaine Gibson

Your Most Vibrant Self | Elaine Gibson

LoudounMarApr2016HRNB_Page_26Your most vibrant self is always accessible to you; it is a matter of improving the quality of your life to allow that vibrant self to grow. It is so easy to get caught up in the struggles of everyday life and become overwhelmed with daily demands. These ruts can pull us down, without our even realizing it. We tend to take on too much, give what we don’t have, and stop filling up our own cups. Over time, these habits become ingrained and it is more and more difficult to live with intention, to elevate ourselves and embody our most vibrant selves. So, take advantage of this moment, right here, right now!

Ask yourself, How vibrant and healthalicious do you want to be? Do you dream of being?

It is never too late to start again, to invite in your most vibrant self and realize who you are meant to be. It takes courage, and a dedication to yourself that is not always easy to find. As I learned while fighting for my life, to beat Stage IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, without traditional protocols, you must be relentless in pursuit of your own health and wellbeing, because no one else will be. We each have a responsibility to ourselves to take action, set goals and surround ourselves with people and environments that protect and inspire us.

What can you do right now to move closer to accessing your most vibrant self?

It seems like every day I hear about something new I’d like to try or experience, a yoga class, a recipe, a new activity, a place to visit. And yet sometimes the options become too overwhelming and instead I stay stuck in my same old routines, missing out on all the infinite possibilities that could shift my perspective and open my world. How can we know what the right thing to choose is? What if we don’t like it or we aren’t good at it? What if it doesn’t meet our expectations? Here is my answer:

“You never know until you try”

Before I was diagnosed a second time with cancer, I knew nothing about the power of alkaline water, green juice and an alkaline whole foods lifestyle. Was it scary and intimidating to embark on this new way of life? Of course! Was I afraid it wouldn’t work and that I would hate it? But I tried anyway, and found that not only did my body respond beautifully by healing, but I actually enjoyed the new nourishment and now I’ll even brave 20 degree weather at 6 am to walk to the store and buy cucumbers for my morning green juice! My whole way of living has changed because I tried something new.

Each day I try to encourage myself by including something I haven’t done before; right now it is working on bringing more yoga and physical activity into my routine. I know the benefits of regular practice and do feel good whenever I go, but often busy schedules get in the way and I don’t make it to class. My goal is to make becoming my most vibrant self a priority, even when it feels inconvenient or scary.

My favorite additions are hiking and canoeing. These new activities have added such special times with my husband Nevin. We create what we call our adventures. This grandma from NYC is totally loving the outdoors! Sometimes we even take our grandchildren canoeing with us.

I am so grateful to be creating my most vibrant self and in the process our most vibrant life together.

How can you expand your mindset and open yourself up to the amazing variety of joys and experiences the universe has to offer?

Our bodies truly crave living in an alkaline state,. This creates total balance in our body and slows down the aging process. The question is,

“How do we get there?”

The answer sounds simple, and it really is! Strive for 80% alkaline foods daily and up your raw food intake. This may sound strange if you have not been exposed to an alkaline, live food eating plan before, but it not complicated at all! Remember, our goal at Renewed Living is to make a healthy, vibrant lifestyle accessible to anyone and everyone, so we can all become as healthalicious as possible.

This highest version of yourself is accessible only through a strong immune system and healthy cells. When your body is alkaline, it means your body is literally singing with bright, beautiful health and well-being!

The first step is to start including more alkaline water and plant based foods into your diet. It doesn’t have to all happen at once, try to just include one new thing each day and see how good you begin to feel. Before you know it, a strong immune system will be your body’s default!

My personal health journey was paved with misinformation by many well intentioned professionals. In the end, I had to find my own way to disease prevention and extraordinary health. Today, I am enjoying a cancer-free life, with a renewed optimism and a renewed commitment to help you overcome and avoid what I had to go through; to help you look and feel extraordinary.

In choosing health, I had go from place to place to learn and educate myself when my body was toxic. It was frustrating and exhausting to find pieces and parts of the information I was seeking spread all over. Confusing and frustrating for sure.

In order for you to find your ideal weight, increase your energy and do your best work at the highest level so you can bring it to the world, you need to have your cells on board. Your most vibrant self begins at the cellular level.

I have been where you are. Let me take you by the hand and support you. To help you get stated to become your most vibrant self, by trying something new and creating a strong immune system, I am gifting you 20% savings on our timely program Simply use the code VAWOMAN and receive 20% from any package! This gift will be available throughout March and April, the dates of this issue of VA Woman.

Once I began making better choices about my food, water and lifestyle, which included what you will find in the 11-Day Plant Based Clean Eating System, not only did I feel better but I lost 28 pounds and dropped 4-5 sizes! Now it is your turn.

“When you know better, you do better.” – Maya Angelou

Wishing you a healthy and grateful day,
Elaine Gibson

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