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LWMJanFeb2015-smallfinal_Page_23Let’s face it, when you see your child’s report card and he is not making the grades you know he is capable of the first thing that comes to mind is, “maybe we should get him a tutor?”

LearningRx Leesburg offers something that goes well beyond tutoring. Brain training treats the cause behind slow reading/ thinking skills, poor memory skills and attention issues. Tutoring might be a great vehicle if a child just needs to “catch up“ in class if they’ve missed days of school due to illness or travel. Tutoring may help a student acquire the knowledge they missed. But what about the student who’s been in class the whole time, spends hours on homework and still cannot retain the information?

That’s the time to look into the fact that weak cognitive skills may be preventing your child from reaching her potential. Our one-on one training is a structured program that will strengthen a student’s weaknesses. It targets the underlying issues which result in poor attention skills, weak memory and slow processing. These issues will stand in the way of learning and effective processing in the classroom, at work and even in one’s day to day routine. (Our brain training program for reading averages a 3+ year gain.)

After a long road of IEP’s, tutors and academic interventions, my husband and I decided it was time to try a different approach with our two oldest children who struggled for years in school. We were blessed by the permanent changes in our children, not only did their attitude toward school and their future change but their self-confidence soared! It is now our passion to share new hope for families that long to see their children thrive in school and in life.

Isn’t it time for your family to start the New Year with hope? Are you tired of watching someone you love face their day with frustration and the fear of failure? Let us help you find the root cause behind those struggles. Call our center to schedule an assessment and start your loved one down the road to a faster, smarter brain!

See our story and statistics at: learningrx.com/leesburg

By Lian Hollenbeck
LearningRX Leesburg

Falling Behind Already? | LearningRX Leesburg

LWMNovDec2014small_Page_27It’s early in the school year, but for a student with attention issues, a weak memory or poor logic and reasoning skills, it doesn’t take long to see them falling behind and losing confidence in their abilities. Homework can take hours, and frustration can run high for both students and parents. When this pattern repeats itself year after year, a child’s self-image can be deeply affected and have a huge impact on their future. With report cards and parent/teacher conferences looming, it makes sense to ask the question “Can anything be done to get to the root of my child’s learning challenges?”

The answer is “Yes!” Our family found the help we needed at LearningRx. We pursued brain training as an alternative to tutoring when an education specialist suggested we look into the
programs at LearningRx. Our oldest daughter had significant learning struggles from an early age and after trying medications and therapies to no avail, we signed her up for an intensive cognitive brain training program.

My experience with weakened cognitive skills did not begin with my daughter. When I was 12 years old my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and over the next nine years I witnessed his cognitive abilities slowly decline. Not only was his memory an issue but his processing speed and his logic and reasoning skills were deeply affected. I only wish brain training had been available to him when he was first diagnosed.

At LearningRx we provide intense one on one brain training tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Regardless of the weakness— long term/short term memory, attention,  auditory/visual processing, logic and reasoning…etc… We guarantee that our clients will experience an increase in their abilities by the completion of their program.

Read some comments of our families who have experienced life changing results…

Before LearningRx, my wife and I did everything that we knew to do in order to help our 7-year-old daughter. We thought it was just a speech delay that prevented her from expressing herself to us, but through LearningRx, we were able to discover the root problem with our daughter. As a result of their brain training, and individualized instruction sessions, we have noticed great gains in Samantha’s ability to speak freely, and express herself more clearly. All of this within just over a month of training. I am looking forward to even more gains! Might I add, that the owners Mr. and Mrs. Hollenbeck are awesome as well! That never hurts! Thank you LearningRx.
Brandon S.

My son struggled with his English SOL and did not pass at the end of the school year. After LearningRx this summer, he went right in, and breezed through the re-test.
Lynne A.

Our son, Malik, is 7 years old. He was diagnosed with autism about 2 years ago. We looked for many options to help him with his developmental delay. We finally decided to proceed with LearningRx because of the science behind it. We were very impressed with their knowledge and kindness. They care very much for Malik and his development. Malik has been with  LearningRx for about 2 months now, and just this last weekend, he looked at my coffee mug and said “Daddy, can I read what’s on your cup?”. I said “Sure sweetie.” Malik read the entire sentence; this was his first sentence. It made me so happy. The sentence says: “It is fun to have fun but you have to know how” by Dr. Seuss.
Abdul Z.

We’re in the middle of brain training at LearningRx Leesburg and can already see results in our son. He is more cooperative at home and attacks his homework assignments without having meltdowns. Everyone at LearningRx is helpful, kind and professional. We couldn’t be happier with his trainer Wendy. I’d highly recommend them to anyone with a child who has challenges at school. We know this will impact him for the rest of his life.
Lori J.

By Lian Hollenbeck, LearningRx Leesburg

Can This School Year Be Different? YES, it Can! Yes, it Will! | LearningRX Leesburg

As a mom, I always look forward to a new school year. Yellow pencils, backpacks, cute, new school clothes, all the bright gear for new beginnings and new adventures. I want my children to succeed this year.

Every year, my husband and I encouraged, recognized and rewarded our kid’s success. We loved that they got excited and felt positively about themselves. But the excitement began to fade every fall as they began to notice that they were struggling in areas that were easy for other children. For the years that followed, the beginning of the school year meant stressful teacher meetings and those frustrating talks with our kids.

I hoped and prayed my kids would look forward to the school year with greater expectations and real excitement, but as the summer began to fade all we’d hear was…

“School is boring, boring, boring!”

“It’s just stupid.”

“Only recess is fun…”

We lost several years hoping that this year would be different, but none of the academic interventions changed their underlying weaknesses. The outside help we hired barely made a difference in how they saw themselves or their confidence in school.

That’s when we tried something totally different. That’s when we were rewarded with huge improvements. Our oldest two children went through individualized programs at LearningRx and now they’re excited again about school and we’re all excited what the future holds. LearningRx is not tutoring. We tried tutoring. We tried multiple tutors. Tutors were re-teaching material that our children didn’t get the first time.

Unfortunately, tutors could not treat the cause behind learning difficulties. They didn’t know how. But at LearningRx they trained our kids’ brains to focus better, think faster and retain more information. They made learning easier by treating the cause behind weak academic skills. Our kids were more successful and better yet, they knew they were becoming more successful! That’s why my husband and I are owners of LearningRx Leesburg. Now we live with children that believe they are capable of anything!

The best part of what we do is that we aren’t limited to just helping children and teens. LearningRx has proven it’s effectiveness with students of all ages and all academic performance levels. Since research has now revealed that IQ is not fixed and the brain can improve its cognitive ability at any age, we can help young professionals working towards a promotion, career adults struggling to stay on top of their game, as well as senior adults with weak memory skills. And the changes are permanent. So ask yourself, “Can this year be different?” My answer is yes—it can be with a stronger, faster brain at LearningRx. Take a moment and see our story at: www.learningrx.com/leesburg. We live with the proof that a changed brain means a changed life.

By Lian Hollenbeck, LearningRx Leesburg

What Can Brain Training Do for You or Someone You Love?

learningrx leesburgParenting is tough even under the best of circumstances but when your child suffers from an underlying cognitive weakness all your parenting tricks can go out the window.

Over several years I was a nanny, camp counselor, daycare worker and children’s theater director and instructor. I had lots of experience with other peoples’ children. I wasn’t prepared for having children of my own with significant learning disabilities. Helping parents with their “problem child” is one thing, but everything changed when my husband and I had difficult, frustrated children of our own.

Two of our three kids struggled with learning disabilities even though they seemed to be very capable. We did everything that we could to find doctors, therapists, educators and nutritionists, who tried to help overcome their learning struggles. I even home schooled my oldest for 3 years. By the time she was 15, we were so discouraged, we started coming to terms that there wasn’t anything out there that could significantly change the way she navigated the world. Our son’s needs weren’t as great but his resistance of school became a daily battle of everyone’s time and energy.

I’m grateful every day that we found LearningRx. The progress our kids made in their program influences every area of their lives, not just in school but how they see the world and themselves. Their confidence level and abilities have radically changed our family life. They aren’t perfect kids and we aren’t perfect parents, but we have so much more hope for their future. I can’t think of anything better than to share this hope with other families.

So if a parent were to ask you: “My child is does not like school and struggles with getting the required work done.” What do you suggest?

Almost every child struggles with disliking school at some point. But when dislike turns into disgust–hating Monday through Friday mornings, teachers’ emails (again) about concerns for your child’s behavior and/or lagging grades and you’re frustrated by the hours of time spent doing homework–it’s time to find out what the issues are. At LearningRx Leesburg, we treat the root cause. Did you know that 80% of reading, attention, memory and learning problems are caused by one or more weak cognitive skills? While tutoring and most therapies treat the symptoms, we fix the cause.

How does LearningRx make a difference?

LearningRx students who do all their training in one of our centers experience, on average, a 15-point increase in IQ. Higher IQ is linked to college scholarships, job advancement and higher income for life. In other words, better mental performance can mean less time working, more money and less effort. It can also mean reaching goals sooner.

We get fast results. In fact, many families report seeing improvements such as greater confidence, higher grades, or better behavior within weeks of starting one of our programs. (Look on YouTube for lots of great testimonials). And when it comes to reading improvements, our students see an average of 3.1 years of reading gains in just 72 hours of brain training.

Career adults who train with us are often looking for fast results to help them succeed in the workplace. They know that being able to grasp, process, remember and apply information quickly gives them a decided advantage in the office and marketplace. If sharper mental skills will help you with your career goals–whether you want to start a business, move up in your present job or land your dream job–we can help. Our brain training programs strengthen the cognitive skills that make up IQ and determine how well you think, learn, read, reason, remember and pay attention. Think of LearningRx brain training as an investment in your future!

You can download a free report on LearningRx training results by visiting www.learningrx.com/results. We assess every student before and after brain training using the gold standard of cognitive skills testing adopted by educators, doctors and psychologists nationwide. This testing not only allows us to identify specific weak skills so we can strengthen them, it also allows us to scientifically measure our clients’ brain skills before and after our program.

How is LearningRx different from hiring a tutor?

In a nutshell, tutoring reteaches information while brain training changes the way the brain processes information. If your son or daughter is struggling, ask yourself why.

Is the problem information-based or brain-based? If your child has missed classes because he was sick, or is struggling in a single class, try hiring a tutor to reteach information that was missed. But if your child is a slow reader, has struggled chronically, hates math, spends too much time on homework or has a poor memory at home or school, you don’t need a tutor, you need a brain trainer. Improving how the brain grasps and remembers information often eliminates the need for tutoring altogether.

In other words, tutoring teaches the same information, the same way, your child didn’t learn it the first time! That isn’t going to solve the problem. Dollar for dollar, brain training costs much less than tutoring for reading and math gains— at the same time solving problems and providing gains in areas that tutoring does not address. And we get it done in half the time!

Are your programs good for adult learners who are struggling with short term memory?

Adults who routinely forget why we enter a room, or the name of someone we recently met, often choose to laugh off the moment. That’s fine around the house, but forgetfulness can have serious ramifications if we’re double booking appointments with important clients, missing deadlines, or losing a deal over a forgetting an important piece of information. Not to mention that memory struggles simply make life harder than it needs to be! The good news is that our programs can improve short term, long term, working memory, attention skills for children and adults of all ages. (We just assessed a 76 year old, who will benefit from one of our programs!)

What are three benefits of LearningRx? Adults? Children?

Actually, here’s more than three:

1) We treat the root cause of thinking, learning, memory and attention struggles.

2) Dollar for dollar, LearningRx
brain training is 7 times more effective than tutoring because of the rapid, dramatic improvements our students experience.

3) We get dramatic, scientifically measured results that are lasting.

4) Our programs can help kids and adults of all ages.

5) When thinking, reading, learning, reasoning, remembering and paying attention is easier, life is simpler.

To learn more, visit our website at: www.learningrx.com/leesburg

By Lian Hollenbeck, LearningRx Leesburg

Training the Brain Saved Years of Tears – LearningRX Leesburg

LearningRX LeesburgWhile children and teens with learning disabilities are often diagnosed in middle school or high school, many disabilities can actually be PREVENTED by intervention at a much earlier age. Experts now know that there are things that parents can do at home to help even the youngest children.

As a young mother I sensed that the behaviors I was seeing in my two year old were the early signs of weak mental skills. Later we would call them undiagnosed learning disabilities, but either way we knew our daughter needed help. My husband and I listened to all the experts and teachers, did all the research, allowed her to start medication, took her to endless doctor’s appointments and therapy with no definitive answers or lasting results. By the time she was fifteen we were resigned to the fact that no matter what we tried… the fact was, our lovely, sweet daughter would never live a life independent of us.

And then things changed. And now, it’s sometimes hard to remember how things used to be…

We had brain training at LeamingRx recommended to us by a friend who was a Special Needs expert and knew our daughter well. After all we’d been through, I was skeptical but we enrolled our daughter in a program that radically changed her life. Through cognitive brain training our daughter worked one on one with personal coach and within a year she gained several years of improvement in the areas   that   had been holding her back her whole life.  She no longer needs hours of help with her homework, she was more reliable at home and she completed tasks on her own that she never had before. She is now thriving in high school and is more self-reliant than we ever dreamed possible.

In February my husband and I opened LearningRx Leesburg and we are incredibly energized to share what brain training can do to bring life changing improvements to families and individuals.

Lian Hollenbeck
LearningRX Leesburg

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