Annual Holiday Open House Held at Lucketts

Annual Holiday Open House Held at Lucketts

The holidays are here and many of us are thinking of ways to redecorate our home. There are a plethora of inspirations we can find from recommendations of our friends or what we see online. We can simply copy decorations ideas we see, or create our own versions at home.

The Old Lucketts Store will once again host its annual holiday open house to showcase their excellent holiday decors and themes and to offer inspiration to homeowners who want to make their home ready for the holidays. The Lucketts Annual Holiday Open House will feature their renovated farmhouse, The Design House. In preparation of the event, the farmhouse will be decked in a multitude of colors and festive attire.

In addition, the vintage and antique shop will also be well-decorated for the holidays. All three floors will be filled with unique trinkets, beautiful furniture and arts. You may also purchase these on-display items on-site!

For the added convenience of creating your own holiday decorating theme, there will be 60 additional vendors stationed outside the farmhouse. The Lucketts Store Winter Market will highlight local crafts and holiday trimmings you can use at home.

The Old Lucketts Store is located at 42350 Lucketts Rd. Leesburg, Virginia. The store is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm.

Dorri Scott
Loudoun Woman Magazine

75th Annual Ladies Board Rummage Sale in Inova Loudoun Hospital

75th Annual Ladies Board Rummage Sale in Inova Loudoun Hospital

One of the much-awaited events is an annual rummage sale, where great discounts and deals are available. There are a wide variety of useful items at this sale, all which can be bought at low prices.

This weekend shoppers within and near Leesburg, Virginia will enjoy a two-day rummage sale at the Inova Loudoun Hospital. The sale is hosted by the Ladies Board of Inova Loudoun Hospital, a nonprofit organization that aims to raise funds for special projects offered for the community and the hospital.

The 75th Annual Rummage Sale is set in the 40,000 square-foot hospital where most departments will sell almost everything you can find at big discounts. Shoppers will enjoy antiques, clothes, tools, sports equipment, household items, holiday decors, toys and books.

This year the event will be held on Saturday October 19th to Sunday October 20th from 9 am to 3 pm. An Early Bird Hour will be held on Saturday at 8 am for shoppers who want to shop first during the event. Early Bird tickets are available at a cost of $10 per person.  Proceeds of the tickets will be given to the Polly Clemens Nursery Fund.

On Sunday, there will be a clearance day, where most departments will offer 50% off and bag sales.

Dorri Scott
Loudoun Woman Magazine

Dining In Style

The holidays are fast approaching and your dining room is getting excited about it’s busiest time of year! So how do you make sure that your dining room is in peak condition?

Dining in Style

Here are a few starting points:

  • Lighting – Do you still have the brass chandelier that the builder so graciously gave you?
  • Floorcovering – Is your rug the correct size? A good rule of thumb is to make sure that when you pull out the chairs, they each stay on the rug.
  • Accessories – This would be a good time to edit. Make sure that the accent pieces that you have in the space either have a function or they make the style statement that you are going for. This is not a place for clutter.

This is a space that we typically do not go into on a daily or even weekly basis. But when early Fall comes around, we look at this space differently as the entertaining season is on the horizon. Whether you need a complete update or just to pull it all together, this is a great time to choose to dine in style.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 8.28.15 AMOften times the dining room is one of the first rooms that you see when you come in a home, so it should reflect your personal style. Do you prefer a neutral, warm or a cool color palette? A great place to set this tone is on the walls with either your paint or your wallpaper. That’s right… I said WALLPAPER! In case you haven’t heard, wallpaper is back! With updated styles and application techniques you should not be afraid to use wallpaper today and the dining room, often above chair rail, is the perfect place to use it.

In addition to style, your dining room should offer functionality as well. What pieces are important to you? Some of us like a traditional china buffet with a hutch to display china in and some of us like a sideboard only. The hutch provides a lot of storage with display but deletes a wall that could otherwise boast a mirror or artwork. The sideboard allows for the wall decor, storage and a hard surface to serve on. The size and shape of your table is also important. How many people do you need/want to sit? And if you have a more square room, consider using a round table for a unique look.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 8.27.41 AMYour area rug will highlight your table and chairs and will be the anchor for your space. This piece can also be a style statement depending on the pattern, texture and color. But remember to think about durability and size when making your selection.

Lastly, the jewelry of your space is the finishing touch. The centerpiece of your dining room table, whether it is one piece or a combination of pieces, is the main focal point. Adding a faux floral here or a standing topiary in a corner, or a piece of greenery on the sideboard, any greenery in the space will help it come to life. And don’t forget about your windows! Your draperies are truly the icing on the tasty red velvet cake. With any decorating project, creating a plan and a budget will help you reach your ultimate goal. Time is of the essence as the entertaining season approaches, so let’s get started!

– Lauren Riddiough Clement

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The 2013 Vocal Arts Competition for Emerging Artists – In Honor of Denyce Graves

Opera NOVA

On Saturday, November 2, 2013, The Millennium-Seat Pleasant Club of the National Capital Area (MSPNCA), Mid-Atlantic District, of the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Incorporated (NANBPWC), The Opera  NOVA, and The Northern Virginia Chapter of The National Coalition of 100 Black Women will sponsor “The 2013 Vocal Arts Competition for Emerging Artists” in honor of Denyce Graves, an African-American mezzo soprano opera singer who is recognized worldwide as one of today’s most exciting vocal stars. The Honorary Chair for this occasion is Gwen Moten, an African American International Classical Singer and Musician.  This event will be held from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Walker Chapel United Methodist Church, 4102 North Glebe Road, Arlington, Virginia 22207. Donations and a free will offering will be accepted at this event.

For over 78 years, the NANBPWC has advanced the interests of business and professional women of color. Vocal arts is one of the cultural areas that our Association promotes in an effort to provide experience and exposure to Black young adults striving to pursue a classical vocal arts career. In 1982, the Association introduced its signature program formerly known as the “Leontyne Price Vocal Arts Competition.” In 2001, the Association changed the competition name, with the endorsement and consent of Leontyne Price, to the “Vocal Arts Competition for Emerging Artists.” This competition seeks to provide a competitive arena where young talented and gifted vocal classical performing Black artists can demonstrate their artistic abilities. The contestants must be between the ages of 18-30 and prepared to perform one selection in each of the following categories: ARIAS – Opera, Cantata, Mass Requiem, Oratorio; ART SONGS – German Lied, French Art Songs; and either a Negro Spiritual or Work by a Contemporary African American Composer.

Opera NOVA was founded in 1992, as a volunteer-based, non-profit charitable organization to bring the joy of opera to the local community and develop regional support for the performing arts by fostering an appreciation for local theater across generations.

For over 29 years, The Northern Virginia Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, has advocated on behalf of African American Women, girls, and their families. Their goal is to eliminate disparities in the areas of Health, Education, and Economic Development.

The co-sponsorship of the 2013 Vocal Arts Competition for Emerging Artists will provide an opportunity for Black classical vocalists, young men and women to receive monetary awards ranging from $300 to $100 according to his/her placement in the competition, as well as an opportunity to compete at the Mid-Atlantic District and National levels of NANBPWC.  Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to continue to showcase, promote, and foster classical talents, as well as provide an opportunity for visibility and the awareness of the classical arts in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

Learn to Beautify Your Garden at Broadlands Nature Center

Learn to Beautify Your Garden at Broadlands Nature Center

 “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”  – Luther Burbank

A lovely garden in your yard adds beauty to your home. It brings color to your surroundings and enhances the view of your property.

Seeing blooming and colorful flowers also fills hearts with delight. It refreshes our senses every morning and rejuvenates our mood, making us happier throughout the day.

Bulb planting has become a common practice in many homes because of the benefits it brings. Just the activity itself is relaxing, which is why many homeowners are planting more bulbs in their garden. Once bulbs grow, they can make any garden more appealing.

To offer support to mothers, women or homeowners who desire to plant bulbs in their garden, the Broadlands HOA and the Audubon Naturalists Society is hosting a special gathering where participants are taught the basic techniques of blub planting. Beautifying with Bulbs is a one-hour event that will teach everyone how to plant bulbs in their garden effectively.

Beautifying with Bulbs will be held on October 12, 2013, Saturday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. It will be open to the public and free of charge. An expert gardener will be the speaker of the event and will teach all participants what bulb planting is, what bulbs are ideal to plant and tricks on how to properly plant them. It will be an extraordinary morning that will inspire everyone to make the world more beautiful, one flower at a time.

Dorri Scott
Loudoun Woman Magazine

Celebrate Creativity at the Annual Autumn Arts and Crafts Festival

Celebrate Creativity at the Annual Autumn Arts and Crafts Festival

Rain or shine, Claude Moore Park will be open for the Annual Autumn Arts & Crafts Festival. Different arrays of arts and craft booths await those who want to see creative items and even try creating their own. It will be a day filled with artistry and fun.

The historic area of Claude Moore Park sets the lovely backdrop for the festivity. Located East of Cascades Parkway in Sterling, Virginia, Claude Moore Park will be filled with artists, local vendors and art lovers for the autumn art festival. Various activities are in line for public entertainment as well as for the celebration of the wonderful gift of art.

Kids who love to get their hands dirty with paints, glues and art materials will definitely enjoy activities such as painting pumpkins and making their own scarecrow. After the creative DIY activity, they can go on a spooky scavenger hunt.

Those who love to bargain shopping can scout through the various unique art shops.  All of the arts and crafts available for sale are handmade by local vendors. There are also numerous food items for sale, giving anyone who wishes the blissful opportunity to take a picnic under the trees around Claude Moore Park.

For musical entertainment, singer/guitarists Gary Smallwood will have a live performance on stage as well as the multicultural performance group World View of Park View High School.

Other activities include a dig demonstration by the Loudoun Archaeological Foundation and fiber arts activities by the Foothills Spinners and Weavers and Knit 2 Prayer 2 Ministry.

The Annual Autumn Arts and Crafts Festival will be held on September 28, 2013, Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. Admission is free.

Dorri Scott
Loudoun Woman Magazine

Love Shouldn’t Hurt – Is Your Relationship Toxic?

We’ve all sen the Lifetime movies. We know what domestic violence looks like… or do we? Domestic violence, also called intimate partner violence, is one of the most prevalent acts of violence in our country. It’s also one of the most under-reported, and in my opinion, misunderstood relationship issues.

Victims of partner violence are not just poor, under-educated, young women. They are not limited to women with few options or those with other issues such as drug and alcohol abuse. The reality is that domestic violence occurs at a rate so high that anyone reading this article could be considered representative of a victim.

One in four adult women will be on the receiving end of partner violence in her lifetime. Even more startling is that one in three teens has been in a dating relationship that included violence. That includes boys and girls but doesn’t account for the many who don’t believe that their relationship counts as “abuse”. To reduce full impact of domestic violence, we must first raise awareness about what it means to be in an abusive relationship.

Broken bones, severe bruises and chronic acts of violence are easy to identify as abuse; but that dynamic isn’t how things usually start and for many abusive relationship it isn’t how it ends either. For many girls and women in abusive relationships, abuse is not so easy to spot. Abuse is not always physically violent.

Maybe he follows you everywhere you go or insists on reading every email and text message you receive. Maybe he says he’s just emotional but you notice that his temper is explosive… and often directed at you. Maybe there was just that “one time” when he hit you or you hit him. These behaviors are often precursors to a pattern of control and abuse. You may call the relationship volatile or passionate and dismiss these things as minor scuffles to be worked out. The trouble is that these “minor” issues usually escalate in abuse. And as things escalate, feelings of shame, isolation and worthlessness begin to get between you and help that is available.

Here are some warning signs that your relationship is headed into very dangerous waters. This is not a definitive guide, but it’s a starting point to help you evaluate your relationship or to help a friend evaluate hers.

Relationship Red Flags

  • Does he isolate you from friends and family?
  • Is his temper explosive or hard to control?
  • Does he see violence as a way to solve problems?
  • Does he tell you what to do, what to wear, what to eat, etc?
  • Have you felt pressured or coerced into sex?
  • Are you often accused of things you didn’t do?
  • Does he listen to phone calls, read texts or follow you places?
  • Are you ever afraid of what he will do or say to you?

If these seem familiar, I strongly encourage you to consult with a professional counselor or domestic violence advocate. There are resources to help you and your partner figure out what to do in order to be safe and healthy.


  • Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter
  • Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance
  • [resource for teens and young adults to help them build healthy relationships]
  • [statistics and information on domestic violence in the U.S.]
  • 800-799-7233 National Domestic Violence Awareness
  • 866-331-9474 Teen Dating Abuse Helpline

– Esther Boykin

Esther Boykin

Dorri Scott – Virginia Women’s Business Conference Presenter

Small DorriMeet Dorri Scott

The Publisher of three regional Northern Virginia magazines including Loudoun Woman Magazine, Arlington Woman and Prince William County Woman she is life learner and loves words. She is also a College Professor, teaches in both the Sociology and Business departments and writes and researches in the indus- try. A sought after speaker she inspires and motivates audiences – especially women and girls in their journey toward excellence for success. A Leader – Coach, Dorri is the Founder of a mentor- ing program; WILLL (Women’s Institute For Leadership and Life Learning) a not for profit serving up to 100 collegiate and early career women ages 18 –early 40s annually.

Friday, November 22 The National Conference Center

18980 Upper Belmont Place | Leesburg, VA

Dorri’s breakout session: “So You Want to Write A Book”

Love Words? Have a Book in Your Head? Participants will learn from a publisher in less than one hour how to blog better, become a columnist, design a website with power words, and tips to manage on line/social media so that you can publish for profit!

Become a best selling author – self publish or hire an expert to help you write-blog-brand your book, article, essay or column today!

Virginia Women's Business Conference

Register before the ticket price increases! To purchase your tickets go to:

On Letting Go: Saying Goodbye

Mother and Child

It is so hard to let go of our children. Yet one of our responsibilities as parents is to allow our children to develop confidence, competence, and, ultimately, independence—to step away from us. It is up to us to show them the way as they get older and to help them deal with their changing world on their terms. It is kind of scary and sad for us to let go; but when the time is right, it needs to be done. When our children finally head off to college, we begin to experience this for real. And while we don’t completely let go then, we begin more and more to find that they are setting the pace, creating their own opportunities and beginning to engage the world on their own terms.

I still remember the days, weeks and months trying to prepare and get used to the idea that Nick was graduating and going off to college. I wanted to stop the time. I was not ready to let him go. He was my first-born, the one who made me a “mother.” I needed him here!

Well…he is now in grad school but, if truth be told, he was ready since before I even dropped him off that first day of college. It took me a little bit longer. It was not until I visited him in Williamsburg that I was humble enough to accept the idea that he no longer needed me …the day when my son became my guide and the teacher. The day he showed me the way around campus, the cafeteria, the library, the soccer fields, the dorms, the laundry room! The same one who later drove me around the historical part of Williams- burg teaching me a great deal about all the history of the town that was now his home. We spent the whole weekend together sharing little bits about his days and his new life. I was so proud to see the confidence and competence that he had developed. Driving back was not easy …tears kept rolling down my cheeks, but they were not tears of sadness anymore, but of joy! My little boy was all grown up!

As parents, we must always remember that within our child is a treasure. We need to remind ourselves to have faith in that child and assist with the development of independence, remembering that we are not just raising a child we are ultimately raising an adult.

As an educator, I do tend to give some credit to the school system. After all, think of all the hours our children spend there. Granted, I’m biased and a firm believer in the Montessori program, where my

own children have been taught. I remember, as if it was yesterday, when Nick first started and I watched him concentrating on different activities and repeating those activities as many times as he felt he needed and wanted to. It was during those early years where he developed what Maria Montessori called “normalization” … a love of order, a love of work, a profound spontaneous concentration, an attachment to reality, a love of silence and working alone, a generosity, and the ability to make good choices!! WOW!! Now many years later, I saw all of these integrated in my man-child.

So hold on for now with the knowledge that, soon enough, the day will come when your child will leave. Even when you don’t think they are ever going to grow up, they really do. And then we find ourselves, quietly in the recesses of our minds, wishing for the days when they were still little and needed us for everything. And we remember those moments fondly and often especially on snowy, wintery, blizzard of the century, cold days.

Author Photo

Carmen Arenas is a teacher and director of The Montessori School at South Riding, which she opened in September of 2004. She lives in Loudoun with Nick (when he’s home from grad school), Sebastian 19 (when’s he’s home from college and Cristian 16. All three of her boys attended a Montessori program for their primary and elementary years and she credits their leadership skills and independence to those early years!

NOVA Roller Derby Presents The Vineyard Vixens vs. The Beltway Betties

Nova Roller Derby September Bout Poster

Sterling, VA— After a few months of mixers, NOVA Roller Derby is proud to bring out two of the home teams to duke it out on the track. Join us on Saturday, September 14 at Michael and Son Sportsplex at Dulles , where The Beltway Betties will try to end Vineyard Vixens’ seemingly unstoppable winning streak.

Fans can look forward to plenty of hard-hitting action against these two teams in a bout where (almost) anything goes. Even though they’ve been matched up before, the Betties’ have undergone major changes in the past few months that have completely changed the makeup of their team, making this exciting rivalry a new experience for nearly everyone involved.

This bout will be played following the official rule set of Modern Athletic Derby Endeavor (M.A.D.E.)—a national affiliation of leagues promoting fair, skilled competition. Tickets are $10 if you buy them in advance online, or $12 at the door. As always, children six and under are free. The Michael and Son Sportsplex (formerly Dulles Sportsplex) is located at 21610 Atlantic Boulevard in Sterling, VA. Doors will open at 4:30 p.m. While some seating is available, we recommend that fans bring their own chairs and arrive early to snag their spots and grab their pre-bout snacks. The first whistle will be at 5:30 p.m.

NOVA Roller Derby has a charitable mission that focuses on supporting people and organizations that have an immediate impact on our community. This September, NOVA Roller Derby is proud to be working with Blue Ridge Hospice as our charity of the month. Blue Ridge Hospice believes that high-quality healthcare is important at every stage of life. Their organization is dedicated to supporting those who are facing terminal illness, coping with grief, or seeking to learn more about these experiences. We will be holding a 50/50 raffle at the bout in order to support this important local organization.

After the bout, join the skaters as they return to Mahalo Cove for their after party. Located at 46300 McClellan Way in Sterling, Mahalo Cove offers music, drinks, delicious food, and the opportunity to meet and mingle with your favorite NOVA Roller Derby skaters and volunteers. Your admission wristband will get you in with no cover before 9 p.m.

The growing NOVA Roller Derby family—which today includes skaters, referees and volunteers—was founded in April 2011. The league is an active member of Modern Athletic Derby Endeavor (M.A.D.E.). Through strong community partnership, the league focuses on serving our local community through volunteerism. To learn more about NOVA Roller Derby and how to become involved, visit

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