Happy Summer! From Our Publisher… | Dorri C. Scott

Va_Woman_Magazine_July_Aug_2016_Page_07As a kid, I remember Summers at the Jersey Shore, (Virginians call it “the beach”) weekly ice cream truck visits, longer days to play for hours outside (we had over 25 kids on our block) and many hours spent reading.Mrs. Starch, the school librarian – one of my favorite teachers offered a Summer reading contest each year. Happy to read more than the required books, I loved being a part of the reading club and discovering some of my childhood favorites including; Beverly Cleary,

Mrs. Starch, the school librarian – one of my favorite teachers offered a Summer reading contest each year. Happy to read more than the required books, I loved being a part of the reading club and discovering some of my childhood favorites including; Beverly Cleary, Louisa Mae Alcott, poetry great- Edna St Vincent Milay, and of course my mentor Friend, Dr. Maya Angelou.Thinking ahead, I invite you to READ this summer, enjoy the publication – our experts, writers,

Thinking ahead, I invite you to READ this summer, enjoy the publication – our experts, writers, organizations and contributors.
We are grateful and especially honored by your presence – a reading present that we, the WOMAN staff never take for granted.
Thank YOU!Have fun this summer, make memories and discover a favorite NEW author or book. Write and tell us about it (publisher@vawoman.com)

Have fun this summer, make memories and discover a favorite NEW author or book. Write and tell us about it (publisher@vawoman.com)In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you out and about in Loudoun and beyond

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you out and about in Loudoun and beyond I especially can’t wait to hear who and how you find and discover a new great friend in words.

Happy Summer!

Letter from the Publisher | Mar/Apr 2016 | Dorri C. Scott

LoudounMarApr2016HRNB_Page_07This past December, my son graduated from college. Our family gathered and many friends in Loudoun County and beyond cheered us through a most exciting season – thank you!

We are delighted about the huge milestone (and major pay raise), and now the real work begins…

Back home, like many millennials, he is in search of a new career, his life purpose and next steps. Concerned about what’s in store, our millennials need us more than ever. Let’s make a promise to support our sons and daughters through their transition, despite the fact that many have been unable to find work and face insurmountable housing costs even in our growing economy.

College Coach, Luanne Lee, a regular contributor, reminds us: Save and Prepare – college costs are rising. Moreover, if your star student is not intentional about where to go to college based on interests and costs, you might otherwise be wasting time and money. Remember, as Luanne would say, “it is never too early to start planning for college.”

Our Cover WOMAN, Linda Coleman, MD, invites us to look internally. The Internist at Primary Care serves patients with her Mentor/Dad, Dr. John Coleman from their office in Sterling, VA. The dynamic father-daughter medical providers have served the community with optimal health care for over 50 years, collectively.

Spring looks beautiful in color from Cyndy Porter, and Elaine Gibson has healthy tips. Our business experts, Valerie Kaiser, Certified Financial Planner and legal expert, Dawn Dale, of Keystone shares the value of wills and trusts in VA – in your best interests.

Always excited about spring and the warm CHANGE in the air, I happily invite you to enjoy and educate yourself in this season’s issue! With warm weather approaching, I look forward to seeing you “out and about” in Loudoun, on the web, www.loudounwomanmagazine.com,
Facebook, LinkedIn and soon to be launched your Extreme Excellence Essentials.

Happy Spring! Happy Happy!
Always, Dorri

Letter from the Publisher | September/October 2015

Hello Friends

Four years ago we introduced you to our inaugural class of “ WOMAN “Thrivers”. This year we introduce you to our class of 2015 “Warriors” – 3 breast cancer survivors including a male who shares his breast cancer story. (Yes! Men too can be diagnosed with breast cancer.)

Celebrating a life-interrupted due to breast cancer, each “survivor-thriver” has raised the bar since our first edition. Two ladies from last year (Eileen Isola and Connie Bash) have updated us. Enjoy their success stories and inspirational updates.

They are FEARLESS and all look great thanks to the creative artistry of photographer Valerie Cavalheri and makeup artist Jamie D’Agostino. (See Kelly and Nancy pages 19, 20 and 21).

Added to the breast cancer issue, we are honoring one ovarian cancer “thriver”. Her courageous stories brings light to the silent killer.

And finally, be encouraged by a mother’s love, shared by Sharon Ferraro, who has never stopped fighting for her daughter Nikki, diagnosed with thyroid cancer in her teenage years. Their happy ending is a must read!

Climbing new heights (and raising money) through events, races and auctions, September and October are filled with activities.

Kindly, Dorri

Publisher’s Page March/April 2015

LWMMarchApril2015small_Page_09In addition to being born in the spring (I am a June baby!) at the end of winter I wait with excitement and much anticipation for the first sign of early buds on trees, warmer weather (no more snow!) and looooonger days soon to  fill us all with sunshine – the best vitamin D one could ever wish for. Spring, I remind myself, is the season of new beginnings and it is on the way…woohoo!

As a life learner and curious educator, I know how spring also brings the end of the waiting game for the “fat package” – the one parents and high school seniors hover around mailboxes for – awaiting the “right” decision (see Luanne Lee our college Coach – Mom, Dad I Got Accepted!).

The college application, its process including standardized tests, AP classes, extracurricular activities (the right ones of course), fees for the applications, etc., is NOT for the faint at heart. Need I remind you, funding one’s college dream for parents and the scholar takes time, preparation and smart goal-planning. Val Kaiser, our resident financial planner, shares money tips that can help with college expenses OR your own retirement plans. (page 25)

The road toward greatness lies not in the moment. Instead it lies in the matter and momentum over a lifetime which requires a regiment and resilience to never give up – Not EVER.

Celebrating 25 years, it is clear our cover WOMAN, Kristina Bouweiri, CEO of Reston Limousine and Founder of Sterling Women prepared, worked
hard and is reaping the bene ts. The “most admired CEO,” my friend Kristina Bouweiri is everywhere. We are proud at VA Loudoun WOMAN
to share her story “She Has Your Ride” – agood read, empowering in her own words.

I’m excited to welcome a special columnist, Pat Wirth (page 17). She has a new cause and invites us to celebrate the history of women in Virginia
with a group you probably have never heard of. With Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., her quest to raise money and save a legacy is more than
history, it is all WOMEN.

Happy to celebrate spring, let us remember and honor those we love. March is Women’s History month. Celebrate her. Love her. Learn more about her and always take care of HERstory!

I’ll see you out and about!


From the Heart and Pen of the Publisher | Jan/Feb 2015

PublisherPageOK… so for this year, I decided to NOT do it! Rather than create a list of resolutions, I choose to make this year the best year ever without a
dreaded list of things to “fix.” Yes, I have set goals but I will not focus on losing those ten lbs, going to the gym three times a week or eating
five servings of vegetables every day.

Nope! Been there. Done that.

In my quest for being that WOMAN, I am committed instead to a year of connection and collaboration with YOU, family and friends; both new and old. I am excited about 2015, it is my intention to serve and give more powerfully with the offering to further educate, empower, inspire and inform EVERYONE with words and actions.

I invite you to join me in celebrating 2015 similarly…
Get Excited!

Be and become that Woman – however you choose and deem her to be!

  • Find something to laugh about every day and start laughing out loud – a lot!
  • Give yourself permission to be still, and get quiet as you seek and find the answers for your own joys.
  • When you can, meditate and stay in the moment (don’t worry, it won’t last long… oh! the pressures of life).
  • Every day, listen for the “God Wink” – those times when things don’t appear to make sense but everything is working out for your good: have faith.
  • Shine and smile.
  • Find your inner voice and be true to yourself – even if you find yourself alone.
  • Make peace with your enemies (and that includes your EX… seriously…).
  • At the end of the day, EVERYDAY, tell someone, “I love you.” THAT WOMAN you become will be better than any list of resolutions you could ever make, just by being YOU.

Summer Tips from The Real Housewives of Loudoun County!

summer tips loudoun countyWe all love summer, and there is no better place for moms, dads, kids and families than right here in Loudoun County. Whether you are are new parent, or spending the summer with a graduating high school senior, the opportunities for fun, learning and adventure are plenty – you just need to know who to ask!

That’s why we asked The Real Housewives of Loudoun County (RHOLC) how to keep families entertained in the DMV. For anyone unfamiliar with this group of women in Loudoun County (if a membership base of almost 3,000 can be called a “group,” and not a “movement”), they are accessible through Facebook, entirely welcoming to everyone who stops by their Facebook headquarters AND in person,  and they offer superb advice and recommendations about anything from breastfeeding to the best place for “date nights” to financial planning and more. Plus… Girls’/Moms’ Night Out Events!

Loudoun Woman Magazine gladly supports RHOLC for the impact they are making in the community, and for the example they are bringing to communities of parents, moms and women around the world. Really, we just think they’re all an amazing group of women and we want to give credit where it is absolutely due!

But, enough about RHOLC for now. Let’s let their words speak for themselves! Without further ado, we present The Real Housewives of Loudoun County:

What are some unique (to your family) things you do in summer to keep things fun for your kids?

Kimmy: On the last day of school we make a “summer bucket list” and we put all the things we would like to do this summer on a big poster board. We also pick one big “wish list” item (i.e. Disney World) on it as well. Since we both work full time, we are limited on long or day trips during the week. But we try to do the pool or park a few times a week, along with setting up a mini-water park in our yard to play in w/ the neighbors (pool, water table, sprinklers, picnic area). We have a lot of play dates with her friends from school and the neighbors! There are a bunch of things we do EVERY summer including Hershey Park or Kings Dominion, The Outer Banks, Ocean City/Rehoboth Beach, community pool, New York, Animal Park/farms, Zoo, Aquarium etc..) but the point of the “bucket list” is to explore other things we have not ever done, or really would love to do again. If we don’t end up doing everything, we try to save it for even the fall if possible!

Nikki: We do Disney, Busch Gardens and downtown Williamsburg with Great Wolf Lodge while we are there. We get Groupons to local water parks, go to splash pads for dinner when it has cooled down, go up to Hershey park and explore Amish country and the kids train museum, the Turkey Hill experience and also the Crayola factory.

We play in the pool on the deck or go to a shaded park. Of course the local Ashburn pools, too. We have a “mother’s helper” so the kids get a lot of attention! I let the kids watch movies and play video games while I work during the day. At night we make forts in the basement and they get to sleep in them because there’s no school the next day. We go to my parents’ house and play in their yard or down by their creek we catch tadpoles. Also, the Rappahannock River with family friends or northern OBX. Nice summer days we will do DC zoo, museums., or Great Falls picnics because it’s so shady.

Also, Chincoteague Island to see the horses…kids loved that! More of a late summer thing though. Road trip to Texas this year….stopping in Dollywood while doing  the “Dumpster Diner and Dives” road app and eating at those places along the way!

Rachael: With this being our first full summer here, everything about our summer vacation has and will be unique to us this year. We have been out exploring the area, with our favorite, so far being Great Falls Park and the local playgrounds and pools.

We try to spend as much time together as a family as possible. Usually, we try to take one weekend or week long family vacation to some place new. We like to experience new places, cultures and adventures and experience things through our childrens’ eyes.

Precious: To be honest, I’m not the typical mom who goes crazy spending so much $ just for summer camps. Being a small business owner, I take that as an opportunity to teach my kids life skills by having them work a couple of hours a week at the studio learning accounting, graphic design, etc. So far they still consider that as fun. For crazy fun, we order take out and stay up as late as we could watching movies and/or a TV series marathon.

Roxce: In our household we try our best to spend time together, whether it’s watching a movie or playing board games, but our absolute favorite thing to do is have a BBQ.  The kids love when their dad grills outside they help with everything they can. Every time my husband is off work he takes the kids out to do something, anything at all just to make their day/vacation a little more memorable. Our kids look forward to going to the pool, if they could they would live there!

summer tips real housewives of loudoun countyA huge THANKS to the RHOLC crew for all of the advice and insight about summer activities in Loudoun County Be sure to check back for more expert advice from this great group of women, and definitely check out their digs on Facebook!

Do you want to write for Virginia Woman Magazine online? Let us know


What an Incredible Conference!

incredible groupWith chef Dennis Stanley of Chantel’s Cakes and Pastries, Dorri C. Scott, Publisher/CEO hosted the reception dessert for the Incredible Factor conference in Reston, VA!

Women of Character, Courage and Commitment

womens history

Healthy Cooking Class Offered in Whole Foods Market

Healthy Cooking Class Offered in Whole Foods Market

Healthy foods are essential to a wholesome lifestyle. We need to eat more natural foods in order to retain more nutrients. However, what we normally use for cooking is not always nourishing. We may be cooking foods at home, but these may not necessarily be considered healthy. In addition, not everything sold in grocery markets may be as nutritious as wemight think they are.

A healthy cooking class is one way to showcase what healthy foods are and how to cook them at home. Now, you can take part in a fun, interactive, healthy course thanks to the Health Cook Starts Here Cooking Class at the Whole Foods Market. Health Specialist Claire will spearhead this enjoyable cooking class, where she will share recipes for nutritious meals and do cooking demonstrations.

The Whole Foods Market is one of the nationally renowned grocery stores that offers all natural and organic products. They take pride in advocating sustainable agriculture and selling these natural products in their store, thus becoming one of thehealthiest grocery store chains in America.

The Health Cook Starts Here Cooking Class will be held onFriday, January 31 starting at 7 pm, in the Whole Foods Market located at 316 Kentlands Blvd in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Registration is free for everyone.

Dorri Scott
Loudoun Woman Magazine

College Planning Starts Now: 5 Common FAFSA Mistakes to Avoid

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 2.15.08 PMJanuary is the month that millions of families disclose their financial data to the Department of Education through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Given that the FAFSA has been called the gateway to financial aid, and considering the ever-increasing costs of college, it is imperative to minimize mistakes in completing it. Here are five common FAFSA errors to avoid.

1. Failing to Submit Because of High Income

Many times families will not complete or submit the FAFSA, believing they make too much money to qualify. Income is only one of seven factors used to determine aid eligibility; always complete the FAFSA regardless of income.

2. Waiting Too Long to Submit

A mistake many make is to wait until they have all of their financial documents in place, and taxes done, before submitting their FAFSA. Since some money is on a first-come, first-served basis, it is imperative to submit as early in January as possible with estimates of your finances (which the Department of Education fully expects).

3. Submitting Incorrect Info for Divorced Parents

In a divorce situation, whose financial information is used? It is the income and assets of the household (including step-parent info) in which the students spends the majority of their time and receives the majority of financial support.

4. Understating Income

If you contribute to a 401(k), 403(b), or any other pre-tax retirement account, you must add back any contributions in the previous year to your income for FAFSA purposes. This in effect produces a higher FAFSA income than what might be shown on your tax return.

5. Overstating Assets

Many families mistakenly include retirement assets and home equity as part of their investments or net worth, when in fact neither should be included here.

And last but not least, please be sure to complete the correct FAFSA application. Remember to complete the FAFSA for the year your student will be in college for the upcoming fall school year, NOT the school year they are currently in. This is a huge, but common mistake. Make this one and your student will receive no aid in the following Fall. Let’s start off 2014 the right way for our local businesses!

To signup for a workshop, meet one-on-one or just ask questions contact us today at: 703-928-9036 or luanne@yourcollegeplanningcoach.com www.yourcollegeplanningcoach.com

Luanne Lee is a licensed College Planning Relief® specialist with over 20 years in business and personal financial services. She is a proud mother of two young adults, two grandchildren, 3 dogs and 2 cats in the country near Loudoun.

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