Annual Holiday Open House Held at Lucketts

Annual Holiday Open House Held at Lucketts

The holidays are here and many of us are thinking of ways to redecorate our home. There are a plethora of inspirations we can find from recommendations of our friends or what we see online. We can simply copy decorations ideas we see, or create our own versions at home.

The Old Lucketts Store will once again host its annual holiday open house to showcase their excellent holiday decors and themes and to offer inspiration to homeowners who want to make their home ready for the holidays. The Lucketts Annual Holiday Open House will feature their renovated farmhouse, The Design House. In preparation of the event, the farmhouse will be decked in a multitude of colors and festive attire.

In addition, the vintage and antique shop will also be well-decorated for the holidays. All three floors will be filled with unique trinkets, beautiful furniture and arts. You may also purchase these on-display items on-site!

For the added convenience of creating your own holiday decorating theme, there will be 60 additional vendors stationed outside the farmhouse. The Lucketts Store Winter Market will highlight local crafts and holiday trimmings you can use at home.

The Old Lucketts Store is located at 42350 Lucketts Rd. Leesburg, Virginia. The store is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm.

Dorri Scott
Loudoun Woman Magazine

75th Annual Ladies Board Rummage Sale in Inova Loudoun Hospital

75th Annual Ladies Board Rummage Sale in Inova Loudoun Hospital

One of the much-awaited events is an annual rummage sale, where great discounts and deals are available. There are a wide variety of useful items at this sale, all which can be bought at low prices.

This weekend shoppers within and near Leesburg, Virginia will enjoy a two-day rummage sale at the Inova Loudoun Hospital. The sale is hosted by the Ladies Board of Inova Loudoun Hospital, a nonprofit organization that aims to raise funds for special projects offered for the community and the hospital.

The 75th Annual Rummage Sale is set in the 40,000 square-foot hospital where most departments will sell almost everything you can find at big discounts. Shoppers will enjoy antiques, clothes, tools, sports equipment, household items, holiday decors, toys and books.

This year the event will be held on Saturday October 19th to Sunday October 20th from 9 am to 3 pm. An Early Bird Hour will be held on Saturday at 8 am for shoppers who want to shop first during the event. Early Bird tickets are available at a cost of $10 per person.  Proceeds of the tickets will be given to the Polly Clemens Nursery Fund.

On Sunday, there will be a clearance day, where most departments will offer 50% off and bag sales.

Dorri Scott
Loudoun Woman Magazine

Dining In Style

The holidays are fast approaching and your dining room is getting excited about it’s busiest time of year! So how do you make sure that your dining room is in peak condition?

Dining in Style

Here are a few starting points:

  • Lighting – Do you still have the brass chandelier that the builder so graciously gave you?
  • Floorcovering – Is your rug the correct size? A good rule of thumb is to make sure that when you pull out the chairs, they each stay on the rug.
  • Accessories – This would be a good time to edit. Make sure that the accent pieces that you have in the space either have a function or they make the style statement that you are going for. This is not a place for clutter.

This is a space that we typically do not go into on a daily or even weekly basis. But when early Fall comes around, we look at this space differently as the entertaining season is on the horizon. Whether you need a complete update or just to pull it all together, this is a great time to choose to dine in style.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 8.28.15 AMOften times the dining room is one of the first rooms that you see when you come in a home, so it should reflect your personal style. Do you prefer a neutral, warm or a cool color palette? A great place to set this tone is on the walls with either your paint or your wallpaper. That’s right… I said WALLPAPER! In case you haven’t heard, wallpaper is back! With updated styles and application techniques you should not be afraid to use wallpaper today and the dining room, often above chair rail, is the perfect place to use it.

In addition to style, your dining room should offer functionality as well. What pieces are important to you? Some of us like a traditional china buffet with a hutch to display china in and some of us like a sideboard only. The hutch provides a lot of storage with display but deletes a wall that could otherwise boast a mirror or artwork. The sideboard allows for the wall decor, storage and a hard surface to serve on. The size and shape of your table is also important. How many people do you need/want to sit? And if you have a more square room, consider using a round table for a unique look.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 8.27.41 AMYour area rug will highlight your table and chairs and will be the anchor for your space. This piece can also be a style statement depending on the pattern, texture and color. But remember to think about durability and size when making your selection.

Lastly, the jewelry of your space is the finishing touch. The centerpiece of your dining room table, whether it is one piece or a combination of pieces, is the main focal point. Adding a faux floral here or a standing topiary in a corner, or a piece of greenery on the sideboard, any greenery in the space will help it come to life. And don’t forget about your windows! Your draperies are truly the icing on the tasty red velvet cake. With any decorating project, creating a plan and a budget will help you reach your ultimate goal. Time is of the essence as the entertaining season approaches, so let’s get started!

– Lauren Riddiough Clement

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Seniors Dancing to Better Health with Zumba Gold at the Cascades Senior Center

Seniors Dancing to Better Health with Zumba Gold at the Cascades Senior Center

“Health is wealth” the phrase is simple, but it’s the desire of all to achieve. With the soaring prices of medicine and health facilities, it is better and more practical to stay healthy and free from any sickness or disease by living an active lifestyle and exercising regularly – especially among senior citizens.

Zumba has become a dance exercise sensation with thousands of people signing up for sessions every day, nationwide. It is a great combination of socializing, exercise and fun that has struck a chord with many avid devotees.

Loudoun County Senior Center at Cascades will soon be offering Zumba Gold sessions every morning for senior citizens who desire to stay strong and achieve better health.

The Loudoun County Senior Center at Cascades offers top-of-the-line and useful facilities to senior citizens ages 55 and older. Senior citizens can sign up for membership at the center and enjoy all of these great facilities including classes, programs and various social groups.

The fall session of Zumba Gold is just one of the many beneficial programs offered by the center, which aims to support seniors, both member and nonmembers, in their quest to be healthier. Sessions will be held on Thursday mornings at 11 a.m. starting September 5. Those who want to join can register for a cost of $10 per class for members and $12 per class for nonmembers.

Loudoun County Host First Epicurience Event

Loudoun County Host First Epicurience Event

Everybody enjoys drinking wine, especially with friends other similarly-minded wine-lovers! To celebrate good food, good wine, and an overall amazing experience, Loudoun County will be hosting its first annual EpicurienceEvent. Lots of award-winning wines will be served paired with mouth-watering cousins from farm-to-table!

Loudoun is also known as DC’s “Wine County”, and because of the different well-known winemakers and delectable wine produce within the region, Loudoun, Virginia is known as the premier wine region on the East Coast.

The first annual Epicurience Event will be held on Morven Park, 17263 Southern Planter Ln, Leesburg, Virginia starting on Saturday, August 31, 2013, 11AM to 6PM until Sunday, September 1, 2013. VIP tickets are also available. Those with VIP tickets will have the chance to enter the VIP tent and experience a special food tasting from 10AM to 11AM.

Epicurience will be a memorable event that will gather top tastemakers, and winemakers from all around the county. Take this opportunity to indulge in the presence of celebrated chefs from different parts of the country as well as their fine gastronomic creations. It will surely be a distinguished event that will continue for many years to come!

Dorri Scott
Loudoun Woman Magazine

Anatomy of a Remodel: Dull to Dramatic!

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.31.19 AM

Some people really impress you. I met Bob and Jeri Thomas when they were referred to Details Home Services for a kitchen remodel. Their split level home provided both challenges, and tremendous opportunities. This was their first ever project, so they didn’t have “remodel-phobia”. What they had was a vision, and they were more than a little enthusiastic about making it happen. That vision required a remake of the entire main floor.

The original kitchen was an 8’x10’ pit in the middle of the main level. To expand the space, we started by removing all the interior walls. With trusses above,

nothing was load bearing, so we had that freedom. Seeing the entire level wide open, I thought Jeri was going to explode. She was almost giddy with joy!!

But once the walls came out, we found some surprises. This is a brick house, with no framing behind the exterior walls, only cinder block. We had to frame, and at the same time true the walls which were almost 2” off, top to bottom. Removing the original hardwood floors revealed insufficient subfloor, so we had to add another layer. But with all walls removed, we had a clean palate to create their dream. It started with a mud room, and a knee-wall defined conservatory for their Grand piano.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.33.56 AM

Once the build began, the excitement was almost palpable. A lighting plan was developed to highlight areas, and provide different looks for different moods or time of day. Varying heights and offset cabinets added both interest and complexity to the installation. Bob and Jeri enjoyed an extended search, trying various tile layouts until they found the textures and colors they wanted to use as accents. Two tone granite and a tumbled marble and stone backsplash added personal touches to showcase their style.

There is now a 20′ wall of cabinets, and the 10′ island is as long as the original kitchen. One of the issues was how to deal with the microwave exhaust. Because of block walls, there wasn’t much room to run the ducting. We took the approach to create another visual highlight, by adding a “chimney” above the microwave cabinet. After it was crafted, I decided to highlight it by adding up-lighting. This was my “gift” to the clients. The lights made it pop, and delivered a center focus needed in such a long wall.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.40.02 AM

New floors and a two-tone paint scheme complete the new kitchen/great room/conservatory. What started as an impersonal space has been transformed into a gathering spot for the entire family. The home now has a proper anchor. From breakfast, to snacks, homework, entertaining or just enjoying the flat-screen and surround sound, it all just works. Having Bob and Jeri as new friends made it more than worthwhile. The best clients make for the best projects. This was a joy from start to finish!

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.41.23 AMBy Cory Laws
Founder and CEO
Details Home Services

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Offers Bird Watching Weekend at Blue Ridge Center

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Offers Bird Watching Weekend at Blue Ridge Center

Bird watching is one of the most enjoyed outdoor activities for the leisure-explorer these days. Watchers bring along their binoculars and roam across the United States just to see all of the different kinds of birds they can catalogue and experience. For these people, bird watching is not only educational but, a fun and relaxing hobby that gets them out of the house and into the great outdoors.

To create more awareness about the beauty of wildlife and to encourage its preservation, The Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy is hosting a bird watching program at the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship. It will be a fun and exciting bird walk that will let participants, from novices to mature ornithologists, experience the wildlife first hand.

Located in 11661 Harpers Ferry Rd, Purcellville, VA, Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship is a nonprofit organization that features a lovely 900 acres wildlife preserve. There are deep woods, habitats, streams, meadows and farms that allow visitors to experience and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

The Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy’s Birding program is held every fourth Saturday of each month, except December. This month, it will be held on August 24, Saturday at 8 a.m. Participants are encouraged to bring their own binoculars!

Dorri Scott
Loudoun Woman Magazine

Girls for Greatness Q & A

How can I get my teen daughter to embrace her beauty and love herself the way she is?

Great question! First, let me inform you that your teen daughter isn’t the only one experiencing difficulty embracing her beauty. In the United States, by the time a girl turns 12 years old, she has already seen 77,546 commercials that have negative references to body image, beauty and self-worth.

Tips that will help your daughter:

Shift her focus on what she DOES like about herself.
Everyone has a physical flaw that they don’t like about themselves, whether it’s the shape of their nose or the size of their thighs, but the key is not to focus on it to the point where you cannot see any of your physical features that ARE amazing.

Let comparing be a thing of the past.
What many girls don’t understand is that by comparing themselves to others will always make them feel despair. It’s nice to admire another person’s greatness but when we constantly compare ourselves to others, we leave our greatness dormant.

Be mindful of the language your daughter speaks about herself. Encourage her to speak positively.
I am ugly! I hate my looks! I look terrible! As a Life Coach for Girls, I constantly remind girls that their words are powerful and will either have a negative or positive impact on their life and their future. Personal empowerment begins with speaking positive words, because a person cannot win in life if the words that they are using are disempowering and working against them. Encourage your daughter to begin using language that compliments and uplifts her so that she can be all that she was created to be.

Teach her to equate her self-worth with her inner qualities and personal strengths.
A strong sense of self-worth is one of the keys to having a successful life. I coach and empower teen girls and help them make a shift in their perspective so that they can learn to base their self-worth on what’s within rather than their outer appearance. Let’s face it, there are going to be times in our lives when our bodies will go through changes, therefore, it’s not healthy to base your self-worth on something that fluctuates. Purposefully look for ways where you highlight your daughter’s strengths.

Be THAT role model for your daughter.
It’s not enough for you as Mom to tell your daughter to do all these things, it’s more important that you show her how to do them. Be mindful of how you embrace your beauty in front of your daughter.

Love and Success, Sharon
Sharon Carter, MBA

Annual Dog Days Peach Festival Held this Weekend in Loudoun County

Annual Dog Days Peach Festival Held this Weekend in Loudoun County

Dogs are man’s best friend.  They are part of the family, and we want to give them nothing but the best.  So, make this weekend all about your lovable dogs and let them have all the fun and attention they want at the Annual Dog Days Peach Festival. Great Country Farms hosts a canine event every year that focuses on dogs and lets them have all the fun. There are many different activities for your dog to enjoy, plus lots of goodies to bring home.

This year, activities for the Dog Days Peach Festival include a training obstacle course, story time, a training demo, art, and the fun doggie Olympics. There is also a five-acre play area where you and your dog can run around and have fun the entire day. Try the rope swings or go on a ride on the pedal cart track. How about jumping on the 2800 sq ft Pumpkin Jumpin Pillow or enjoying the Double Barrel 60’s slides.

Those who want to enjoy fresh snacks can have their fill at the Roosteraunt. Baked goodies, burgers, cold drinks, and specialty peach pies are available the entire day. You can also shop for fresh produce, jellies, or gift items from the Country Store.

The Annual Dog Days Peach Festival will be held on August 10th and 11th from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Admission is $10 for children and $12 for adults, and canine companions will need to bring a rabies certification tag and leash.

Dorri Scott
Loudoun Woman Magazine

Smart and Stylish Kid’s Spaces

Studies show that kids with an organized work space are more successful in school and beyond. As parents, I think we would all feel fantastic if our kids had not only an organized but also a great looking and inspiring place to live, study, play and sleep. Am I right? Well, it IS possible to have it all! Here are some helpful tips and ideas.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 7.57.56 PM

In this client’s room our goal was to make the space look great as it is visible from the kitchen, family room and breakfast nook AND to have it serve as the main homework, craft and project area for their son and daughter. The black and white color scheme with a pop of red served as a classic and gender neutral palette and the design then flowed with the rest of the main floor scheme. Functionally, each child got their own desk and a counter height craft table served as the centerpiece to the room.

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 7.58.01 PM

Every teenager has their own unique style—that is an under- statement, right?! Well this teenager was no exception! As an aspiring fashion designer she conveyed to me exactly what she was looking for—purples, lace, soft yet sophisticated. And she was lucky enough to have her own work space directly off of her bedroom. She wanted this to be her dedicated homework, read- ing and creative nook. And she was thrilled with the outcome! What a fun project this was!

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 7.58.09 PM

For those of you with younger children, like myself, you may have a dedicated craft and project space in your home for all of those fun paints, crayons, glue sticks and glitter supplies. Right? Well if you are like me and needed that space to flow with the rest of your home and not look like the school arts and craft room that exploded, here is an example of how to make that happen.

Our home office space was totally under used so I turned it into our craft space BUT it is the first thing that you see when you come into our house. So I wanted it to look ‘finished’, cute and be totally functional and easy to clean up on a daily basis. When all of these elements come together the room can look great when not in use but will also be easier for your kids to maintain if everything has a home to go back to. And the whimsy and creativity that a craft room evokes should be supported by exciting colors and design elements. This is a great spot to let your ideas flow, just in an organized kind of way!

Do you have a space like any of the above mentioned in your home? If you have any questions or need any help, please let me know!

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