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LoudounJulAug2015_Page_15Orthodontic treatment is an expensive investment. To get the best results, you must wear and care for your retainer, this will ensure the best results possible. After removing the braces it is essential that you:

Care for your retainer.

Most retainers are removable and can be taken out while eating. Retainers can also be removed while flossing and brushing teeth. Brushing of course
is recommended twice daily and after each meal.

Many choose to wrap their retainer in a tissue or napkin when eating and YES, if forgotten the retainer is inadvertently thrown away. Thousands of dollars are spent annually on “forgetten” and thrown away retainers because many patients forget about them. A good solution – always carry your case with you. Ask your orthodontist about an extra case. Ladies may choose to have one at home and one in her purse. Mothers may choose to have one at home for their child(ren) and an extra case kept in the car or in Mom’s purse.

Never leave the case or your retainer on a table or a bench, and wrapping it up in a napkin is probably one of the fasted way to lose it in a restaurant
or while dining out. When servers clear the table, it is easy to see how and why the napkin with one’s retainer could be mistakenly picked up while clearing the table.  Putting you retainer in a case or backpack immediately is a great protection and cost savings for your retainer.

The purpose of wearing a retainer is to prevent your teeth from shifting back into their original position… Generally, retainers should be worn, at least until the bone and gums have had time to stabilize around the newly aligned teeth. As a respected orthodontist and expert, I recommend that children and teenagers wear their retainers through their 20s – at least until all permanent teeth have come and the jaws stop growing.

By: John H. Jones, III, DDS
Jones Orthodontics

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