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palmercare smallIt was just an ordinary week for me. I all of a sudden could not breathe. It was my second asthma attack this week. No trigger, it just came out of nowhere! Out came the meds, the inhaler, the herbs, the vitamins, the steamer…nothing worked. Last resort…back to the emergency room. In the emergency room they filled a very large syringe with adrenaline and put it right into my 4 year old chest. The adrenalines job was to expand my chest so I could breathe. It typically worked. Only a couple of problems. First, it did not solve anything; it just calmed the symptoms until the next time, most likely later that week. Second, it filled me so full of adrenaline that I was constantly running around getting in trouble.

After many trips to the emergency room and many missed days of school for me and work for my parents…It was a last resort that my mother thought of that “cured” me. She remembered when she was a child how her parents always took her and her sisters to their witch doctor. This guy who just seemed to help them with everything. It was their local quack…the Chiropractor. As a last resort my mother took me to Dr. Ali Jafari…Chiropractor!

Let me try to make a long story short and just say…2 weeks later no more asthma. I got to live life. I got to play sports, High School and College. I got to go outside. I got to learn at a very young age the difference between living with health and without it. I had to become a Chiropractor and I had to help others experience the same as I did.

Now I look at today’s world, and all the 10’s of thousands of practice members coming to see us, and it’s easy to see…a drastically rising trend in asthma and allergies. Especially in our children! Just looking on the CDC website and we can see that Asthma in children is approaching 10%. That would mean that one in every ten children are suffering from Asthma. Trouble breathing, random asthma attacks, visits to the emergency room, missed days of school, and work for the parents. I know all too much about this!

Then there are allergies. Living in the DC metro area, we are blessed with one the highest rates of Allergies in the country. People joke around here, that it is not if you have allergies but how long it will be before you get them. Allergies is one of the leading triggers for asthma. We must understand that the the trend for both is exploding and we have to understand why!

With all the advancements in medications and treatments out there why are we seeing such an increase in asthma and allergies? 

1. There have been many studies linking early antibiotic use to asthma and allergies

  • Study conducted by Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
  • In the American Journal of Epidemiology
  • American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

2. Poor nutrition and eating too much processed food

The more our organs are filled with chemicals the less they work. Do your best to provide your children with fresh food that you prepare yourself, stay away from microwaves (they mutate foods and kill enzymes), and make sure your children eat plenty of organic locally grown fruits and vegetables.

3. Chasing symptoms.

America makes up about 5% of the entire world population, yet we take around 56% of every prescription drug created in the whole world…result… more sickness every year!

We have to start looking at asthma and allergies a bit different. Asthma and allergies are simply two ways your body tells you something is wrong. Allergies are an overreaction of your immune system. Asthma very typically triggered by allergies, is the constriction of your airways. If we were to go back to basics what we would realize is two things:

  • First, your immune system is controlled by your nervous system
  • Second, your airways are controlled by your nervous system.

See the connection. When I was a sick 4 year old boy, Dr Jafari gave me my first Chiropractic Adjustment. What did he do? He removed interference from my nervous system. Each adjustment for the next two weeks helped my nervous system to balance and my body to start to heal itself. Two weeks later I no longer suffered.

You see, Chiropractors are trained to locate anywhere in your body that the nervous system is not doing what it is supposed to be doing. They specialize in finding ways to balance the nervous system. At Palmercare we use Chiropractic adjustments, nutritional support, acupuncture, massage, exercise, detoxification…whatever the body needs to start to correct itself. At Palmercare we believe the body is a self-healing, self-maintaining organism. We believe that the nervous system is in charge of the body’s ability to do these things. It is our job to make sure that the body simply has no interference in its ability to self-heal.

When I was 4 years old, thanks to my parents, a Chiropractic adjustment started my body down the road of healing. It changed my life. When it happened, other  authorities in healthcare told my parents it was not Chiropractic, that in those two weeks of care, I spontaneously outgrew it. My question to you…What do you think?

If someone in your family is suffering from allergies and/or asthma, please think about bringing them in.

In our office we will take them through our signature 100 step examination. At the end of examination we will bring you back to sit down with us and go through all of the results and what they mean. Then we will recommend care. If we can help we would love to, if we cannot we will tell you who can.

– Corey Malnikof, DC

Palmercare Chiropractic

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