The Perfect Selfie Gift for Valentine’s Day – A Massage
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LWMJanFeb2015-smallfinal_Page_20The winter season is the perfect time for massage therapy because we have less sunlight, less energy, our immune system is fighting off colds and our stress level is high. One way to combat the winter colds, decrease stress and renew your energy is to have a professional massage.

A good massage therapist can make you feel like a new person by kneading targeted parts of your body to promote circulation, suppleness and relaxation. Studies have shown that massages help to alleviate muscle pain, increase delta waves associated with deep restful sleep, increase immune system performance, and reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and severe PMS pains. Further, studies also report that frequent massages help promote
a healthier lifestyle.

While there are many styles and types of massages offered at Loudoun Laser & Medical Spa to choose from, the key is to select the best one that fits your mood and health objectives.

By Bernadette Carroll
Loudoun Laser & Medical Spa

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