The Secret Stuff

Do you want to live a happier life?

Do you want to see your business soar to new heights?

All the answers can be found in The Secret Stuff!

The Secret Stuff

Lisa Geraci Rigoni and Cindy Battino have come together to assist people in manifesting their longings for freedom, joy and abundance. Lisa, Chief DeClutter Officer of Leave it to Lisa, guides her clients as they sort through, sort out, and get rid of the “outside” stuff that is dragging them down. Cindy, founder of Transformational Healing, is a life coach and energy worker who helps her clients identify and change the “inside” stuff that is keeping them stuck. Cindy and Lisa understand that the exterior world that their clients create is a reflection of their emotional, mental and spiritual interior world. Between the two of them, these Italian “sisters” have over 50 years of combined insight, skill, and passion for their work. They have transformed hundreds of people’s lives – inside and out.

Cindy and Lisa envision The Secret Stuff as a large treasure chest, which holds longings and dreams, talents, essence, and the most precious and most uncomfortable parts of self. These uncomfortable pieces can be negative beliefs, behaviors, reactions, and failures. By keeping the lid tightly shut, these parts stay hidden from the world to prevent judgment and humiliation. When, in truth, EVERYONE has a chest full of Secret Stuff. By attempting to keep these perceived negative parts imprisoned, they unknowingly also hide and shelter the most precious and beautiful pieces of self.

Cindy and Lisa create a safe environment where everyone’s Secret Stuff is respected and seen for its power and truth. Cindy ex- plains, “By examining your Secret Stuff a new world of self-acceptance, appreciation and compassion opens up. Balance, gratitude, healthy boundaries are within your reach.” Lisa continues, “It is a place where you can finally release the stuff that has been holding you down so that you can reach your true potential. We love watching our clients fly!”

Cindy and Lisa want to ask you: “Are you ready to strike a match that will light the path to your true potential? Are you ready to be joyful and abundant in all areas of your life? Are you ready to soar to new heights?”

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-Cindy Battino and Lisa Geraci Rigoni


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