Back in August of 2013, when our January and February snow storms were not even a glimmer in our eye, over one-hundred students from Virginia to Maryland auditioned to perform at Carnegie Hall. We could only select twenty, lucky young artists .

Our company, Theaterpalooza, was fortunate enough to be selected to perform the original, debut work, “From Sea To Shining Sea” a musical journey about the history of Appalachia.

Our cast has rehearsed every week since September and we are almost ready for our performance. Excitement is in the air!

In addition to the show, our students have learned so many things:

  • Our students know more about the history of Appalachia than many adults. When you play a character and walk in their shoes, you learn to develop empathy for others as well as learn about their lives.
  • Our students are singing a show in three different languages (Gaelic, English and Cherokee) as well as several different dialects and accents. When learning is made fun, it is easy to learn languages, science, any subject at all.
  • Our students are singing in three and four part harmony. This is quite an accomplishment for a middle or high school aged child, but our average age of our children is nine. It is amazing what children can do when learning is fun.

The arts not only adds immeasurable quality to our lives, but it is the way children learn. When the arts is added to the classroom or as an after school activity, children learn that the sky is the limit.

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