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loudounseptoct2016_page_20September 3, 2016 was the day that my world was changed forever. I went in for what was a simple surgery to remove a cyst and woke up with a full hysterectomy, appendectomy and ovarian cancer. Tears rolled down my face as I came in and out of anesthesia. Why? Why me? It took me a few days but then I realized that there was a reason. This silent killer attacked one very vocal and determined woman and I wasn’t about to lay around and do nothing.

I get asked a lot how I keep such a good spirit. I truly believe that positive thinking is healing for the body mind and soul. Sure, I have bad days just like everyone else. Cancer/Chemo took a lot from me but I survived and am here to make some noise.

Here are a few things I learned as a cancer patient:

  1. We are more concerned about the people around us and how our illness is impacting them.
  2. We feel guilty that we didn’t take advantage of every last minute in our lives.
  3. Although we appreciate all the love and generosity we want to be treated normal when you interact with us.
  4. Friends, you need to understand that we will never be the same again. We may think differently, sometimes act differently and most definitely view life entirely differently.
  5. Chemo Brain is REAL! For me, I went through phases of what seemed like blackouts. I nearly drove my kids, friends and co-workers insane. I believe that my mind, the love of my family and friends and pure determination to beat this cancer played a major part in my survival.

What keeps me motivated and inspired?

  • I believe that if you change your thinking then you will change your world.
  • Knowing that my continuing fight may just save my children and yours as well.
  • The tears and gratitude from survivors and families of those that passed.
  • The feeling of 300 professional peers giving me a standing ovation.
  • My biggest inspirations, Makenzie and Hunter, telling me how proud they are of me for everything that has happened and what I have made of it. Maybe you are a survivor, a loved one of a survivor or just someone that wants to make a difference. I challenge you to get involved in a cause – don’t wait to have a reason!

One in every three people are affected by cancer. It doesn’t take a lot of money to be supportive, just the desire and passion to make a difference. I am honored to be able to share my story with you and hope that you not only gain awareness but also inspiration to never give up.

Whatever your struggle is, know that your inner strength is greater than you could ever imagine.

To learn more about my journey, please read my blog:

 Hugs, Tracy

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