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LearningRX LeesburgWhile children and teens with learning disabilities are often diagnosed in middle school or high school, many disabilities can actually be PREVENTED by intervention at a much earlier age. Experts now know that there are things that parents can do at home to help even the youngest children.

As a young mother I sensed that the behaviors I was seeing in my two year old were the early signs of weak mental skills. Later we would call them undiagnosed learning disabilities, but either way we knew our daughter needed help. My husband and I listened to all the experts and teachers, did all the research, allowed her to start medication, took her to endless doctor’s appointments and therapy with no definitive answers or lasting results. By the time she was fifteen we were resigned to the fact that no matter what we tried… the fact was, our lovely, sweet daughter would never live a life independent of us.

And then things changed. And now, it’s sometimes hard to remember how things used to be…

We had brain training at LeamingRx recommended to us by a friend who was a Special Needs expert and knew our daughter well. After all we’d been through, I was skeptical but we enrolled our daughter in a program that radically changed her life. Through cognitive brain training our daughter worked one on one with personal coach and within a year she gained several years of improvement in the areas   that   had been holding her back her whole life.  She no longer needs hours of help with her homework, she was more reliable at home and she completed tasks on her own that she never had before. She is now thriving in high school and is more self-reliant than we ever dreamed possible.

In February my husband and I opened LearningRx Leesburg and we are incredibly energized to share what brain training can do to bring life changing improvements to families and individuals.

Lian Hollenbeck
LearningRX Leesburg

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