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tutor talkIt is a good time to look back and ahead at your child’s experience this school year. As the year progresses, as parents, we need to assess our kid’s attitude towards school. Are they doing well academically and working to their best ability? Are they happy and excited to wake up and get to school in the morning? Are they eager to get their homework done or are they a procrastinator like most? Are they confident and do they feel good about themselves?

I wanted to talk about the benefits of hiring a tutor and dismiss the stigma that is usually associated with the term tutor. Many times both parents and students feel that the term “tutor” is negative. Often the student, parent or both associate the word tutor with failure and that is so not true! I try and tell all my students and parents alike whether they are in elementary, middle, or high school that a tutor is just like a coach. I am not there to point out the negatives or the flaws. My purpose and goal is to accentuate your successes and be your advocate.

Many times schoolteachers rush through their scheduled lesson of the day, because they are driven to get that chapter completed for the next test and/or in preparation for the SOL exams (Standards of Learning exams). As we all know, everyone learns differently, and so a tutor or “academic coach” is there to help find that particular student’s style of learning. I like tutoring on a 1:1 basis so that I can find that student’s special style of learning. Math is a perfect example. Sometimes it is just being able to work with the student and do a couple more examples a different way. And then – the light bulb goes off! Nothing is more rewarding as an academic coach to see the student’s eyes light up, because they get it. Or even better a text the next day, because they got an “A”’ on the quiz and they couldn’t wait to share the news. Nothing makes me happier!

Sometimes all your scholar needs are a few sessions to review information that the teacher covered in class. One on one time can make the difference in their world – especially if the classroom environment does not teach in a style or way in which your child learns.

Meeting once or twice a week is usually enough to get the job done. Of course, if more time is needed one might consider group tutoring with a neighbor or friend who also needs help. Optimum success often does not take much, just a second look and a willingness to consider all of the options.

In addition to improving your child’s confidence, that 1:1 time with an after school Teacher-Coach will save more than tears and time. It will prepare for continued achievement where it really counts. And mostly, it will keep your scholar on track for the great things ahead.

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