What Can Brain Training Do for You or Someone You Love?

learningrx leesburgParenting is tough even under the best of circumstances but when your child suffers from an underlying cognitive weakness all your parenting tricks can go out the window.

Over several years I was a nanny, camp counselor, daycare worker and children’s theater director and instructor. I had lots of experience with other peoples’ children. I wasn’t prepared for having children of my own with significant learning disabilities. Helping parents with their “problem child” is one thing, but everything changed when my husband and I had difficult, frustrated children of our own.

Two of our three kids struggled with learning disabilities even though they seemed to be very capable. We did everything that we could to find doctors, therapists, educators and nutritionists, who tried to help overcome their learning struggles. I even home schooled my oldest for 3 years. By the time she was 15, we were so discouraged, we started coming to terms that there wasn’t anything out there that could significantly change the way she navigated the world. Our son’s needs weren’t as great but his resistance of school became a daily battle of everyone’s time and energy.

I’m grateful every day that we found LearningRx. The progress our kids made in their program influences every area of their lives, not just in school but how they see the world and themselves. Their confidence level and abilities have radically changed our family life. They aren’t perfect kids and we aren’t perfect parents, but we have so much more hope for their future. I can’t think of anything better than to share this hope with other families.

So if a parent were to ask you: “My child is does not like school and struggles with getting the required work done.” What do you suggest?

Almost every child struggles with disliking school at some point. But when dislike turns into disgust–hating Monday through Friday mornings, teachers’ emails (again) about concerns for your child’s behavior and/or lagging grades and you’re frustrated by the hours of time spent doing homework–it’s time to find out what the issues are. At LearningRx Leesburg, we treat the root cause. Did you know that 80% of reading, attention, memory and learning problems are caused by one or more weak cognitive skills? While tutoring and most therapies treat the symptoms, we fix the cause.

How does LearningRx make a difference?

LearningRx students who do all their training in one of our centers experience, on average, a 15-point increase in IQ. Higher IQ is linked to college scholarships, job advancement and higher income for life. In other words, better mental performance can mean less time working, more money and less effort. It can also mean reaching goals sooner.

We get fast results. In fact, many families report seeing improvements such as greater confidence, higher grades, or better behavior within weeks of starting one of our programs. (Look on YouTube for lots of great testimonials). And when it comes to reading improvements, our students see an average of 3.1 years of reading gains in just 72 hours of brain training.

Career adults who train with us are often looking for fast results to help them succeed in the workplace. They know that being able to grasp, process, remember and apply information quickly gives them a decided advantage in the office and marketplace. If sharper mental skills will help you with your career goals–whether you want to start a business, move up in your present job or land your dream job–we can help. Our brain training programs strengthen the cognitive skills that make up IQ and determine how well you think, learn, read, reason, remember and pay attention. Think of LearningRx brain training as an investment in your future!

You can download a free report on LearningRx training results by visiting www.learningrx.com/results. We assess every student before and after brain training using the gold standard of cognitive skills testing adopted by educators, doctors and psychologists nationwide. This testing not only allows us to identify specific weak skills so we can strengthen them, it also allows us to scientifically measure our clients’ brain skills before and after our program.

How is LearningRx different from hiring a tutor?

In a nutshell, tutoring reteaches information while brain training changes the way the brain processes information. If your son or daughter is struggling, ask yourself why.

Is the problem information-based or brain-based? If your child has missed classes because he was sick, or is struggling in a single class, try hiring a tutor to reteach information that was missed. But if your child is a slow reader, has struggled chronically, hates math, spends too much time on homework or has a poor memory at home or school, you don’t need a tutor, you need a brain trainer. Improving how the brain grasps and remembers information often eliminates the need for tutoring altogether.

In other words, tutoring teaches the same information, the same way, your child didn’t learn it the first time! That isn’t going to solve the problem. Dollar for dollar, brain training costs much less than tutoring for reading and math gains— at the same time solving problems and providing gains in areas that tutoring does not address. And we get it done in half the time!

Are your programs good for adult learners who are struggling with short term memory?

Adults who routinely forget why we enter a room, or the name of someone we recently met, often choose to laugh off the moment. That’s fine around the house, but forgetfulness can have serious ramifications if we’re double booking appointments with important clients, missing deadlines, or losing a deal over a forgetting an important piece of information. Not to mention that memory struggles simply make life harder than it needs to be! The good news is that our programs can improve short term, long term, working memory, attention skills for children and adults of all ages. (We just assessed a 76 year old, who will benefit from one of our programs!)

What are three benefits of LearningRx? Adults? Children?

Actually, here’s more than three:

1) We treat the root cause of thinking, learning, memory and attention struggles.

2) Dollar for dollar, LearningRx
brain training is 7 times more effective than tutoring because of the rapid, dramatic improvements our students experience.

3) We get dramatic, scientifically measured results that are lasting.

4) Our programs can help kids and adults of all ages.

5) When thinking, reading, learning, reasoning, remembering and paying attention is easier, life is simpler.

To learn more, visit our website at: www.learningrx.com/leesburg

By Lian Hollenbeck, LearningRx Leesburg

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