What Can Loudoun County Housewives do to Improve Their Health & The Health of Their Families

I believe being a housewife in one of, if not, the wealthiest county in the country is one of the hardest jobs that exists. Many of the women I meet, including my own wife, are holding down the fort, caring for their children, and…working. I cannot share in words the respect I have for you.

My wife, like you, cares for our children, transports everyone everywhere, makes sure that we all eat healthy, makes sure that everyone is happy, looks fabulous on a regular basis, maintains some kind of social life, is the major supporter of everyone, does all the shopping, and the list simply goes on and on.

I don’t know how you do it! Now I have a full plate running four Chiropractic clinics, a few other businesses and investments, exercising, playing with the kids, but when it comes time for bedtime…I am out! Not my wife. I see her up at night. I see her thinking about things like how to give our kids a step up in health, in education, even planning her shopping list. Planning how she will get everything done. Wondering why she can’t sleep even though she is so tired. If this is you, I understand.

The problem is that running a million miles a minute, dealing with the stress, and not sleeping can lead to some health issues. From my experience, the women that come into the clinic that match this description often share these common health issues:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Not eating enough to supply yourself with the proper nutrition (because you are so busy)
  • Trouble digesting
  • On and off constipation (not going to the bathroom EVERYDAY)
  • Lack of mental clarity (a bit of a fog)
  • Not being able to take a full deep breath
  • Back pain, neck pain, from holding the kids

I may not be able to make my wife’s schedule disappear but I so wanted to be that hero that swoops in and fixes everything. I sat down and with my experience in holistic healthcare I started writing. I wrote all night one night. I couldn’t stop. I just wanted to be the answer. I ended up writing an 8 page report.

My report includes:

  1. Boosting your immune system for women and their families
  2. Getting great sleep
  3. Having more energy
  4. Regulating going to the bathroom to clean toxins out
  5. Increase the ability to digest
  6. Creating mental clarity
  7. Getting over and preventing symptoms

Just to name a few. I believe it was some of the best writing I have ever done, and had one of the best intents I had ever had behind its creation. It was my goal to help my wife and two baby boys. I hope this report will help many families find health, wellness, and peace of mind for their families.

If you would like a copy of my report “What Loudoun County Housewives are doing to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy!” simply call our 24 hour toll free number at 888.426.6134 or go to www.loudounhealthreport.com

Yours in a healthy future,
Corey Malnikof, D.C.

Dr. Corey Palmer

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