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LoudounMayJune2016HighResNoBleeds_Page_29Borsa is Italian for bag. My design — BORSAbag® — is a newly patented, unique, self-storing, water resistant BIG-BAG-in-a-littlebag.

So, what’s the difference between a BORSAbag and any other bag?

BORSAbag is one piece, one word. The small pouch is connected to the large protective bag preventing the possibility of losing the pouch. Also, preventing the need to carry a second bag for storing your used, wet, dirty protective bag.

While on vacation in Florence, Italy, in 2007, my husband bought me a beautiful leather handbag. The leather was soft, smooth, and simply gorgeous. I wanted something to carry with me so that, if needed, I could protect the fine leather. I wanted something that I could get wet, dirty, or sandy, and still somehow store, even after use, inside my handbag.

Nothing was available on the market. I was still working full time when I designed BORSAbag. After many sleepless nights and notes that were poorly scribbled by the light of a flashlight during the night, I came up with my ‘inside out’ design. My design allows you to Get It Wet and Dirty; Store It Clean and Dry®.

To use: pull the large protective bag out of the small pouch and turn the large bag inside out placing the small pouch ‘on the inside’ along with the personal items you want to cover, protect, or conceal. Use the convenient shoulder straps to carry. To store: remove items, turn the large bag inside out, exposing the little pouch. Stuff the large bag inside the clean, dry pouch and safely store in pocket or purse.

After my design was completed and having made my own crude prototype, I searched for a manufacturer. It was extremely important to me to have BORSAbag made in America. It took me over three years to find a manufacturer who would actually make it in the USA. Proudly, BORSAbag products are made, not only in America, but right here in Virginia. Our newest product is the BORSAbag4BUMBERshoots used to protect a collapsed, wet umbrella allowing it to be stored inside your handbag or pocket. No need to carry that wet umbrella, keep both hands free! This
can also be used to cover water and beverage bottles or cans to protect from condensation.

BORSAbag has numerous uses:
• Handbag protector in the rain, at a restaurant, in a restroom
• Great Travel Companion Secure to your carry-on. Put your personal items inside and place it by your feet for easy retrieval. Put your personal items inside a BORSAbag before placing in the overhead compartment. While on travel, use BORSAbag for…
• Beach bag
• Gym bag
• Laundry bag
• Grocery bag
• Cover your golf bag to protect your clubs when caught in the rain
• Great camping bag

BORSAbag weighs 3 oz.; is lightweight, flexible, pliable, and very durable. Made of ripstop nylon, the same material as is used for parachutes and windsails. Several styles of BORSAbag are available.

Order online at borsabag.com and also at amazon.com

BORSAbag is available at a wholesale price for companies to use with their own logo for promotional purposes.

By: Diane E. Piper

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