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LoudounJulAug2015_Page_21In previous generations, there was most likely a man at the head of the household who was responsible for making all of the family’s financial decisions. While it may be a difficult concept to grasp now, many women were not even aware of how or where the family’s savings were invested.

Fast forward to today. Woman are powerful and accomplished, earning and achieving more than before. Many women successfully handle the demands of a family, career, and household. In fact, a recent study found that 90% of women identify themselves as “chief financial officer’ of their
household. In addition, the education level attained, the earning power, and career achievements of women are greater than ever before.

Despite these triumphs, women lag behind men when it comes to taking the necessary steps to build wealth and financial security – such as investing and establishing a long-term financial plan. They also face several unique challenges throughout their lifetimes, making proactive financial planning even more important.

Whether the reason is insecurity about the subject of money, a shortage of the time necessary to organize financial matters, or a heavy reliance on others to manage longer-term finances, it is important for women to overcome these barriers and take control of their own financial future.

Understanding the importance of long-term financial goals, as well as the steps to take to help make them a reality, are the first steps to a bright financial future. You may have already discovered the importance of working with a financial professional to help you develop a personalized investment strategy. As you move through the various stages of your life, remember that your financial professional is a valuable resource who can help you regularly review and refine your personal financial needs and, as your circumstances change, recommend any adjustments to your investment strategy.

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