Why Fibromyalgia Sufferers Think Nothing will Help…

palmercareMy name is Corey Malnikof, DC and part of my practice is strictly devoted to Fibromyalgia. Why? Because for years I have been meeting people diagnosed with Fibromyalgia who have told me about:

  • Empty promises made to them by other practitioners that did nothing
  • Being on so many prescriptions that they no longer know what’s real
  • Magic potions, lotions, and blue glop…all of which did nothing!
  • Pain, fatigue, and brain cloud that just won’t budge!

I felt for the people hat told me about this. I wanted to be able to help. Not say that I could but actually help. I started searching through seminars and other practitioners for a “cure.” What I learned along the way is that there is no one cure. That everyone claiming to have a “cure” was the problem. Everyone was trying to find some magic solution, but the truth is that every case is different.

That’s when I started to develop my system for Fibromyalgia. It is an all inclusive examination testing everything from muscles, and nerves, to your adrenal glands and oxygen levels. What I have found is that when people go through my Fibromyalgia sequence, I can figure out what the problem is!

Now, I started this article with: “Why Fibromyalgia Sufferers think nothing will help…” So I know after years of working with Fibromyalgia sufferers, that it is hard to make that first step and call the office and come in. I know in the eyes of those suffering that have already tried “everything” that I might just seem like just another bullet point to add to all those empty promises. That’s why I have two things I want to offer to show you that I am FOR REAL!

1) If you call the office by 7/15/2014 I will give you an absolutely FREE Consultation. (Take money out of the way so you can come in relaxed and just see what we have to offer.)
2) My guarantee. If you qualify for the program and get care and you don’t think it’s working for you…we will refund you every penny!

So my only question is…Why wait??? Call the office at 703.421-2990 and ask for the Free Fibromyalgia Consultation. You have nothing to lose…. and a life to gain!

P.S. Want some more information…check out my fibromyalgia report: “The Amazing Truth Revealed-How 1000’s of Fibromyalgia Sufferers are Finally melting away their aches, pains and Chronic Fatigue Without Drugs and surgery and how you can too”

You can request it at Fibronow.com

By Dr. Corey Malnikof, Palmercare Chiropractic

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