Do They Have to Come Together?

Not necessarily. You can keep the wisdom from your years of life experience AND look younger than your actual physical years. How? First, let’s start with the basics on wrinkle prevention. Wrinkle prevention needs to start in your 20’s. By the mid-30’s most women will start to show the first signs of aging. You may experience aging signs even earlier than 30, if you have not followed the 5 rules of wrinkle prevention:

1. Avoid the sun and wear sunscreen.
2. Don’t smoke
3. Get adequate sleep.
4. Eat more fruits, vegetables and fish with essential fatty acids (omega 3).
5. Have a consistent skin care regimen.

Most people have violated at some point in time one or more of the above rules. So what do you do if you find yourself in your mid 30’s, 40’s or older and you haven’t done all the right things. Can you reverse the bad habits of youth? Can you reverse the natural course of aging? Are there processes and products that work? The answer is YES. Just in the past few years, there has emerged a new “first of its kind” natural skin care product line utilizing the new patented extraction technology NBio-PL2 TM and the resulting new NAE-8® (Nerium Aloe Extract), see www.nerium skin.com for scientific details.

The science is impressive but the results are what count. Personal testimonials with accompanying before and after pictures with Nerium are abundant.
Email questions to be sent a link or video of real people with real results, or go to link directly at www.nerium.com/ClinicalTrials.aspx?ID=ladykelly.

So the answer to “Do wisdom and wrinkles have to come together?” is a resounding NO. You can have wisdom without the wrinkles. There is hope for everyday people that want to look younger and perhaps haven’t been quite as attentive to their skin care regimen in the past.

Just the Facts … Please
I know, you may be thinking: “This skincare product is just like the all the rest. How do I know it is going to work?” For that very reason, Nerium selected ST&T Research in San Francisco and their highly qualified pharmacologists, scientists and researchers to conduct an independent clinical study. ST&T randomly selected 35 study participants who had no knowledge of the product and conducted a 30-day test.

Michael Scott, owner of ST&T, says NeriumAD shows promise in and out of the lab: “I’ve never seen anything like this before.” For most skincare product studies, Scott notes that his researchers are happy to see a 2 to 5 percent statistical improvement throughout a 30 to 40 day period. “In this night cream, we saw improvement from baseline in some women to 35, 45, 55 and even some 60 percent improvement in appearance in a short period of time, that’s significant” says Scott.

Natural Products with Above and Beyond Quality Control
Nerium Skincare controls the entire production process from plant seed to finished product. Dennis Knocke, chairman and CEO ofNerium Biotechnology adds “Current farming operation are considered all natural without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.” NeriumAD doesn’t contain harmful chemicals commonly found in skincare products. Gluten-sensitive consumers need to know NeriumAD is naturally gluten-free.

In addition, the product is paraben-free, non-comedogenic, and cruelty-free. Something else that is missing as a main ingredient is water. Many beauty products use water as a main ingredient because it is cheap and it fills the bottle. Instead, NeriumAD boasts their NAE-8 extract (patent received in 2013) and proteins as their main ingredients, showing they are committed to a high-quality product.

Before applying any product to your skin, it’s important to do research and read the labels. Nourishing the skin with naturally derived ingredients to offer improved appearance is the wisest way to go. Everything else is just junk food for the skin.

Why haven’t I heard of NeriumAD before?
If you haven’t heard about NeriumAD yet it is because the marketing of the product line started only two and a half years ago. It is just a matter of time before more will learn about this breakthrough anti-aging regimen. We have been reported on CBS LA news show and on the popular television show The View (to receive video links to these shows, email (fountainofyouthdmv@gmail.com). The success of our product is evident in the success of our company. In 2013, the NeriumAD International reached 100 million in sales. Customers that recommend to friends are eligible for free product. The product is distributed through a network of Brand Partners. Learn more about building a customer base and earning extra income by emailing fountainofyouthdmv@gmail.com or visiting http://ladykelly.nerium.com.

neriumConfidence Attracts More Positive Life Results
Looking at yourself in the mirror in the morning and seeing your face and neck match your inside beauty increases your confidence. With increased confidence, you will continue or start to attract more of what you want in life. Another distinguishing quality of the NeriumAD experience is that there is no risk. There is a 30-day money back guarantee. We are that confident in our results.

– Marilu Rios Kernan

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