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woman healthDID YOU KNOW April/May is recognized as WOMAN’S HEALTH MONTH. Our lives should be governed by forever seeking a state of GOOD HEALTH &WELLNESS. So what’s all the hype about WELLNESS! Is it just making sure the scales say the right number and I’m fit? My BMI (basal metabolic index) is the right number (<29)? Is it the goal that every time I go for my yearly visit, my labs fall within normal ranges? Or is it, I run 3 miles everyday or exercise 5 days a week for 1-2 hours? Is it I’m a VEGAN and have nothing to do with meat? I know, I know its that I’m GLUTEN FREE! WELLNESS is all this and more. Not only is it a PHYSICAL state of well being, I would argue that its a LIFESTYLE, MENTAL and SPIRITUAL state of well being.

A woman’s overall HEALTH & WELLNESS is affected by many factors: home, work, nutrition, exercise, spiritual, genetics and emotions to name a few. Let’s tall about a few
of these factors as we strive to make everyday about our health and wellness. The importance of each of these factors varies from individual to individual. Let’s first talk about the factor that we can’t control: GENETICS. Your genetics is determined by the chromosomes or genes that you have inherited from your parents. We have 23
pairs, one pair which determines our sex and the other 22 pairs which determine a myriad of traits and characteristics which determine how we look, feel, and propensity to disease just to name a few. Common diseases that impact our health and wellness and where genetics is a factor include: DIABETES, HYPERTENSION, CHOLESTEROL, DEPRESSION, CANCER. Now of course, some of the aforementioned diseases can be altered by diet and exercise for the sake of GENETICS we are referring to those diseases that we have a propensity to because of the genetic link that has been proven and identified and that no amount of exercise, change in
nutrition can stop it from being manifested as part of your medical history. Diabetes may be Type 1 or Type 2. Type 1 you have a deficiency in the production of cells that secrete insulin. Insulin is responsible for lowering your sugar and therefore allowing your body to metabolize carbohydrates ingested.


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– Dr. Gloria Ivey-Crowe

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