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LWMNovDec2014small_Page_16Don’t Let Acne Take Over Your Beauty!

The concept of ONLY teenagers being prone to acne is long gone. Recent studies have shown that roughly 90% of all teenagers and 25% of all adults suffer from acne at some point in
their lives. However, with the right knowledge and cure, anyone and everyone can treat acne. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, a “pimple” is born when the pore
gets clogged with dead skin cells, and the acne causing bacteria propionibacterium, which normally lives on the sebaceous follicle. This excessive sebum production causes hormonal
stimulation of the sebaceous gland. Once this gland becomes obstructed, its lower portion is engorged with sebaceous discharge and keratinocytes. There are mainly two types of acne
that everyone is most familiar with: white and black head acne. A white head is when the pore opening remains closed – also commonly known as a “closed comedones”. A black head
acnebuilds up when the follicle enlarges enough to stretch the pore causing the trapped bacteria exposed to the oxidized air.

Thankfully there’s many ways to treat acne, and to prevent it from occurring.

Loudoun Laser & Medical Spa has built a complete platform to help you fight acne, and regain clear and smooth skin. Depending on the level and intensity of your acne, during your consultation our certified staff will design a program specific to your needs. We will recommend a platform that will be a combination of the following: IPL Therapy, Chemical Peels, and Acne Defense Products!

IPL Acne Therapy:

Loudoun Laser & Medical Spa has the state of the art technology to help you overcome your acne problems. We use IPL, “Intense Pulse Light,” an FDA approved acne therapy and a successful light-based therapeutic procedure that is now revolutionizing the treatment of acne. The IPL Acne Therapy destroys the most common bacteria that cause acne — without drugs, and without pain!

Acne Control Products:

Last but not least, our staff will arm you with the right homecare regiment. We carry the most effective products on today’s market for all skin types. Our aestheticians will educate you on which products will work best for your skin type and why, as well as give you a step by step direction on how and when to use each product.

Chemical Peel Acne Therapy:

Chemical peel is a deep penetration cleanse that uses chemicals to improve the appearance of skin. These chemicals are AHA (Alpahydroxy acids) including glycolic, lactic, or fruit acids which will reduce and even eliminate fine lines around the eyes and mouth, treats acne, eliminates acne scars, and will correct uneven skin pigment.

These chemicals are applied to the skin and sit for a couple of minutes. The solution will then cause a layer of skin to separate and gently peel off. The skin left is now smoother, healthier, and acne free! According to the University of Chicago Medicine, chemical peel is the best non-invasive treatment for acne.

By Sultana Darya
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